Even Heroes Need a Hero

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"Can't believe I'm fucking doing this." Michael muttered as he trudged up apartment stairs, making his way to 221B. Vav had called him the day before and cashed in his free date nearly a month after their little run-in, telling the auburn-haired man to pick him up at his apartment, considering Michael had since gotten a car for safety reasons and apparently the dumbass hero didn't own one.

'Oh but you owe him for saving you!' Michael's inner monologue argued in a mocking tone and he hissed. 

He knocked on the door, perhaps more harshly than necessary, and tapped his foot impatiently as shuffling could be heard.

The light from inside made Michael blink as a man was revealed to stand before him. He was tall and tan with styled golden-brown hair and hazel eyes; there was no doubt he was Vav. However, he wasn't in his superhero uniform, as he had promised not to be.

Instead he wore a tight polo and impossibly skinny jeans. He grinned at Michael and the latter was annoyed to find it oddly charming. 

"Hi, Michael!" He held out his hand and Michael shook it hesitantly. "I'm Gavin! Come in!"

"Not too original with hero names, are you?" Michael breathed out.


"Nothing. So, is this your lair or something?" The apartment looked like any other, though Michael wasn't quite sure what he had expected.

"Never thought of that, but I guess so! Hey, Ray! We have a secret lair!" He called excitedly and a shorter man with dark hair and thick glasses rounded the corner, smiling brightly. 

"That's fucking awesome! We should add some cool shit in here." Ray mused as he looked around. "Hey, Michael." Ray greeted him with a cheery wave and Michael grunted.

"Can we just do this? ...What are we even doing?" He sighed, slouching his shoulders. 

"Well, my little Michael-"

"Don't call me that."

"I figure that I really only have one chance to impress you, so I'm going to make this extravagant!"

"Don't you dare put on your suit."

"I'm gonna-aww really? Fine, I won't wear the bloody suit." Gavin grumped before his usual grin reappeared, full-fledged. "Just follow me to our little balcony. Later, X-Ray!" He motioned for Michael to follow through a glass-pane door, hopping on the balls of his feet eagerly.

"So are we just gonna stand out here all night or something?" Michael asked, shuddering slightly in the cold air. He sniffled, nose still a bit off from the mugging.

"Nah. That'd be boring! C'mere." He made to pull Michael towards him and the older man jumped back, shaking his head.

"Oh, no! I know exactly what you're planning to do and I don't fucking want to. I'm still partly convinced it hadn't happened the last time!" That was true; he'd told himself that he was a little too hopped up on adrenaline from the mugging and that he'd imagined the flying part. 

"Oh hush, you pleb! It'll be fun!" He yanked Michael's arm and pulled him to his chest, ignoring his curses and squirming as he took off. Michael screamed but stopped fighting, not wanting to fall.

"Jesus fucking Christ! You're a fucking psycho!" Michael yelled as they began to move through the air. Gavin merely let out a bark of laughter, twirling through the air. Michael groaned, hiding his face as they made their way above the clouds. 

"Michael, look!"

"Fuck you, fucking asshole!"

"Seriously look!" Gavin prodded his side and Michael smacked him, unwillingly opening his eyes. Gavin turned him around slowly so they were chest-to-back with Michael facing towards the ground. 

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