Chapter 8

Waking up Katherine moaned softly while stretching herself. In the process she hit a hard chest. Confused she opened her eyes to see a beautiful boy laying beside her. She totally forgot Justin was sleeping next to her.

Memories from last night came to her. The kiss. She can't believe she let that happen. She was mad at herself for that. Groaning coming from the body next to her snapped her out of her thoughts. She looked at Justin who was slowly waking up. Once he opened his eyes he was met with Katherine's. "goodmorning" he said in his raspy voice while smiling at her.

"Morning" Katherine replied. Justin slowly sat up so that he was now the same lever as her. He looked at her and smirked. She looked at him confused. "What?" She asked she was getting annoyed by his famous smirks. "Nothing" he said, The smirk still on his lips. Katherine rolled her eyes. "You sure are a weird person" she said getting up from bed. She stretched a little more making small moans scape her mouth. Noticing this Justin slowly got up from bed, Not caring he grabbed Katherine and smashed his lips on hers. She was shocked, Very shocked. She didn't resprod not wanting to let that happen again. Justin broke the kiss looking at her.

"Kiss back" he said. "No. You need to leave" he still didn't let her go. He didn't want too, He liked the way her body feels on his. He wanted to hold her forever. "No" he said moving his head to her neck. Enough was enough, She pushed Justin making him almost fall. He was impressed by how strong she could be.

"No. We're not repeating what happen yesterday again. I won't let that happen. You just decide to come into my room without anyone's permission. I let you stay the least you can do is say thank you not grab me and try to kiss me all over like I'm an easy slut" Katherine was breathing hard. She has mad hell she's pissed at her self. She felt something every time Justin touched her and she didn't like that feeling. He was dangerous, Too dangerous. She wants a normal life, a life where she knows her future kids will be safe, Where she knows she won't have to wake up and find danger.

Justin looked at her, A blank expression on his face he didnt say anything he just looked at her. "You want to know why I came" he started but didn't let Katherine respond as he continued. "I came because I wanted to see you, I came because I wanted to talk to you, Katherine you .. Make me feel different. You make me feel like I'm not who I am, You make feel normal but you keep pushing me away. You may know who I am and what i do but you don't know the real me, I came because I wanted to be with you. I CAME BECAUSE I FUCKING HAVE FEELINGS FOR YOU AND ALL YOU DO IS BITCH AT ME" Justin was getting mad. Hell he knew he was scaring her but at the moment he didn't care. He wanted to let her know his feelings.

Katherine calmed a little but didn't say anything. What was she supposed to say? "Your going to wake up my family" she said in a low voice, Justin shook his head. "Whatever. Go fuck Randie like the easy slut you are but hear me clear this is not the last time you'll see me" Justin said before putting his clothes on and going for her window. He climbed down going to his car, He go in the car mad and confused.

"Fuck" he screamed, He knew he fucked up by calling her an easy slut. But he couldn't help but feel hurt that she didn't want him as much as he wanted her. He started his car, Going full speed to his house. Katherine in her room was still processing what just happen. He just told her he liked her yet he called her an easy slut. She sat in her bed. Thinking. "Kath?" Her cousins voice was heard from her door.

Snapping her head up she was meet with Karla. "What's up?" Katherine asked smiling, putting a fake face so that her cousin wouldn't know something was wrong with her.

"I heard everything" Karla said coming next to her and sitting down in her bed. Katherine's smile faded she put her heard down. "I don't know what to do" she said, Her head was a mess, She didn't know if to keep Justin away or close and also randie was there too.  "You know, Falling in love with a criminal is not a crime" her cousin said, Karla knew Justin way before he became who he is now. He was a normal nice kid, The popular one at school till he started to hang out with the wrong people.

"I'm scared" Katherine whispered, Tears filled her eyes. "I'm scared of him, I'm scared of the though that if I .. Ever was to fall in love with him and one day he's dead. I don't know" she said the tears now falling from her eyes. Karla grabbed her and hugged her. "I might be 17. But I can see you like him too" she whispered. "Don't let this fear get into you. Do what your heart and mind tells you" Karla said, Katherine smiled and nodded.

She wasn't sure yet, She had a lot of thinking to do before she could actually make a decision. Live in a dangerous wild world or have the perfect life but then again nothing is perfect but her cousin made her feel a little better. "Now get dresses. We're going out. Only me and you" Karla said. Getting exited Katherine asked "where?" "Oh it's a surprise" Karla said making Katherine give her a confused face. She nodded her head heading to her closet.


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