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Sylvia didn't get much sleep that night, which showed as she went throughout the day with an "I-don't-care-a-single-bit" attitude. Unfortunately, this earned her a detention for painting her fingernails in transfiguration and then saying she couldn't write the essay because her nails weren't done drying.

Tom, on the other hand, was in a great mood and ready to start his plan. His plan was to make sure Sylvia wouldn't leave by wooing her and making her his girlfriend. Ridiculous as it sounded, he really needed Sylvia. And as ashamed as he was to admit, he wouldn't mind having her on his arm. She was rather attractive. Love wasn't important to Tom, but he was a teenage boy after all. Tom liked to think he was smarter and cleverer than everyone else, and the fact that he was less than sure of his ability to pull off making these horcruxes irked him. If the great wizards could do it, so could he. Sylvia was there not only to reassure his plans but to help make them as well.

"Hello Sylvia" Tom said, after classes were over for the day, "How has your day been?"

"Not now, I've got detention in five minutes!" Sylvia replied, rushing out of the common room, leaving Tom by himself. Now what was he going to do? Despite her first impressions as a delinquent, Sylvia had not received many detentions during her time here, and he didn't expect her to earn any when it would inconvenience him.

In detention, Sylvia sat at a desk, tapping her fingers on the wooden surface as the minutes dragged by. If only something would happen, and she could get out of here...

"Excuse me, Professor?" Tom's voice interrupted the silence. " I've been sent to find Sylvia?"

"Ah, yes, very well, Tom dear." the professor nodded, not even looking up from their book. She stood up and followed Tom out of the classroom. He winked at her, and she knew then that he had snuck her out of a detention. She grinned at him, thankful for being her escape.

"Thank you so much" Sylvia sighed, jogging to catch up to him.

"My...Pleasure" He replied, a tilt in his voice that sounded almost like a question. His eyes stayed the same, hard and cold, like ice, but he let a smile lift his lips. It was kind of handsome, cold eyes considered.

"So where are we going to?" She questioned, as Tom made his way through the hallways.

"I'll show you." He responded, grabbing her hand and lacing his fingers with hers. His hands were warm, but his skin was rough and calloused. It was quite the contrast to Sylvia's soft skin and cold hands. He would rather have suffered death than admit it, but he quite liked the feeling of her hand in his.

Holding Sylvia's hand seemed to quiet her, and he wondered if his plan would work quicker than he thought. He knew he was good with girls, but he didn't expect Sylvia to be so easy to win over and was quite disappointed that he didn't have to fight very much for her affection.

They had arrived at their destination: the restricted section of the library. Across a sturdy wooden table were a vast array of aged books, some nearly falling apart from age. Candles were lit, and he had brought a small array of food.

"Why don't you sit down, Sylvia? He asked, pouring her a glass. She sat down and glanced over the books hesitantly. Her chair was placed at the very edge of the table.

"I don't bite, Sylvia..." He smirked, moving a bit closer to her. She frowned.

"Is something wrong?" He asked, grabbing her hand in his own. As soon as he did, Tom figured he had taken the act a bit too far.

"Are you okay?" She asked suddenly. "You're acting really weird. This must be a joke. You're pulling a prank on me, aren't you?"

"What? I, uh, no- I'm not making fun of you, Sylvia." He tried. "I promise"

"I don't believe you. I don't like being humiliated, Tom. Not at all" She replied, a threatening tone in her voice. Tom was losing all he had worked for in seconds. What could he do to repair the damage? Realizing he still had her hand in his grasp, he pulled her back down from her standing up, and smashed his lips against her own.

After a few seconds, their lips parted, and Tom looked her in the eyes, desperately trying to read her emotions.

"I'm leaving now" She said quietly, before walking away. Sylvia didn't look back.

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