Chapter 4

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Jordan has been away for almost three weeks and i miss her. She tries and calls everyday after her piano practise but not always and i miss her when she doesnt, i think im starting to fall for her and i dont know what to do. Do i let myself fall or stop myself before i do?

I was in my home office when Leo came through "hey baby whats wrong?" i asked and he smiled "gran wants you!" he said pulling on my arm and i laughed a bit "alright calm down!" i said and he let me go and ran of to the lounge,

"Leo slow down!" i said as i went in. I walked in and my mother was talking with a man and woman who seemed very modern. There were two kids who looked around Leo's age also there. I raised an eyebrow at how i didnt know they were comming,

"mother?" i asked and all heads snapped to me, my mother smiled at me and walked over and gave me a hug and i was now really confused. Not that my mother never gave me affection i just wasnt sure why,

"mother whats going on?" i asked and she smiled "sit down Lucy i need to tell you something!" she said and i looked around and sat beside my father. I looked over the two people and they looked not rich but a normal family,

The lady smiled at me and i smiled back "Lucyafew years before you were born, two to be exact i had another daughter but it was before me and your father were born and we didnt want to disappoint our parents so we gave her away!" she said and i just stared at my mother, what was i hearing?

"we gave her to a care home and put her up for adoption then me and your father got married and had you, Julie here is your older sister!" she said indicating to the other woman in the room and my head snapped to her and she just smiled,

Im lost!

"w-what?" i asked looking between my mother,father and Julie who were all looking at me for a reaction the only thing was i didnt know how i was to react. All life i was brought up as an only child asking for a sister or brother to shre my fun with to find now in my late twenties i had an oloder sister who i never knew,

"im not sure how to react!" i said and my mother and father smiled "dont worry, i was the same when i found out who you all were!" Julie said and i raised an eyebrow and she smiled "i did a look to see who my parents were and when i found out you were all well rich i didnt get in contact as i guessed you wouldnt quite belive me it wasnt until they both contacted me i talked to you all!" she said with a light laugh and i nodded,

At the moment the only thing going through my head was the buisness. As i was the only child i was rightfully heir to it but now that Julie is here she is older and is now heir. "where does this leave me legally to the buisness?" i asked and Julie answered,

"oh dont worry, i dont mean to be rude or dishearted but i dont want anything to do with the buisness so your alright i just want my parents nothing more and obviously my sister, sorry!" she said and i smiled, im not gonna lie i was relieved.

My feelings on the matter would be stunned, shocked basically i couldnt think straight, how could i. Ive just been told i have a long lost sister who i never knew!

" i hate to be rude but i need to leave and think, im not sure what to do so im going to talk with Jordan, she might help please excuse me!" i said and left to my office. I walked in and just sat at my desk for afew minutes going over what i just had been told, i have a sister.

I switched my computer on and called Jordan on Skype. It took afew minutes before her face poped up on the screen "Hello Lucy!" she said with a smile and i gave a light smile back and she forwned "something the matter?" she asked sitting back a bit,

"im not sure!" i said and she raised an eyebrow and i noticed what she was wearing, a white shirt that gave me aslight amount of cleavage and a grey waistcoat, that was all i could see but it kept me going.

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