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****We decided to continue the book because you all enjoyed it soo much.****

Cassie's P-O-V

     Is it crazy that I think I'm in love with him? He's been on my mind daily. Well of course besides RJ...he is my lil' man. We are.finally in May but ee have to make up school days and stuff ugh.Today I'm heading to school on a Saturday because we have had snow galore! Its ridculous we've had to add 4 days at the end of the school year :(.  I'm about to hop into the shower and I get an unknown call from someone with this weird , deep auto-tune voice. They said "Hey boo you know I love you mwahh see you around..." But before I could react they hung up! I have know idea what that was. Maybe it was some stupid 12 year old prank calling me. I get into the shower because that where I do my best thinking. I start think about the worst.Like, what if its Kevin guy who tried to rape me... is he trying to find me? Is he stalking me? All these thoughts running through my mind and...I figure I am not telling Derek. You know...not until something serious! After i get out I break out in this floral blouse,turqoise blue cuffed capris,some turqoise and gold sandals and some earrings and i was ready for the day! You know Derek always ready to do something sweet! But I totally adored it. He's bae! So I get down stairs... no Derek maybe he took RJ to school. So I just make some cereal. I feel like something is behind me and I turn... NOTHING. I may just skip breakfast. *Ding-Dong*that's the door. I look out the peel hole its that new guy I guess he and Derek are friends, work together?I invite him in and he seems nice.I think Tasha's dating him. Well turns out Derek recently hired him and I was like well congratulations, I guess. He just chuckles and stares. Weirdo. Well time for school  Derek's driving me and I feel asleep again... Hehe he thought I was sleep he kissed me Ah ha.


Sorry the chapter is so short.... we just wanna get this update out hopefully there's more to come...  please be active :D


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