Emily turned to Thalia " a Prom.... you've camp never had a prom?"  asked Emily

" Ya............Chiron thinks that a prom is a waste of time that we could be training" answered Thalia

"well it looks like he changed him mind about it "

"come on lets go back to the arena"


Emily walked back to her cabin. Emily opened the door their sitting on the bed was Nico and Coral kissing, Emily drooped the sword that was in her hand . Nico and Coral snapped apart from each other and Nico hit his head on the bed above him. " Ow ' said Nico  

" sorry" said Emily

" you should go Coral " said Nico still holding his head

Coral got up and left. Emily looked at Nico, on his cheek was a light pink lip stick mark. Emily smiled, " what are you looking at Emily" said Nico

Emily pointed to his cheek, Nico blushed then, he rubbed it of his cheek.

" you should ask her to the prom " said Emily

Nico Blushed " we don't have a prom"

" you will find out about it later"

" Hey ,Leo dropped this off and its for you "

Nico handed Emily a letter.

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