Chapter 10

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Annabeth POV

Percy and I headed down in the elevator. We held hands as we walked into the training room where Katniss and Peeta stood. Katniss was looking in the corner at the bows and Peeta looked like he wanted to take the paints and run. "Let's get started," Percy said. "Show us what you can do," I said. Katniss practically ran to the bows. She picked one out and got a quiver. "So I hear you're the best there is," I say trying to see if she will become arrogant. She shrugs. "I just try to keep my family alive," she says. Normally, she would say something like this with sarcasm but I can tell she's being genuine. I nodded. "Shoot for me," I said. Percy was off with Peeta showing him a few things. She pulled the arrow back and let it fly. It landed a few inches off the target.

"I'm not used to how tight these are," she explained. "It's ok. Try again," I said. I understood how she felt. Sometimes I'd try a new knife and it'd be a lot different. She pulled it back again. She inhaled and let it out slowly. She let the arrow fly and it was a perfect shot.

I stood openmouthed. "That's amazing," I said. She just loaded another. I got an idea. "You hunt right?" I asked. She nodded releasing the tension on the bow. "Percy, kill the lights," I said. Percy looked at me and I nodded. he quickly grabbed a few things and shut off the lights. In the dim light I could see Katniss tense up. I heard Percy throw something and Katniss shot. He continued to throw whatever they were, one after another. She shot until she said, "I'm out." We turned on the lights. We were all shocked to see that Percy had throw random things and she had managed to shoot all of them. "I don't think we need to worry if someone comes at you and you have your bow," Percy said. Katniss went to gather all the arrows.

Percy went off to show Peeta a few things which left me with Katniss. She shot for a bit and then I showed her some hand-to-hand tricks. She was already pretty good at finding water and such. She wasn't too bad at combat either but she still felt uneasy. Finally, we were all tired out and went back upstairs. We took quick showers and Percy and I were chilling in our room. I heard a small knock at the door. I went to open it and Katniss was there. "Percy, pull up the screen," I said letting Katniss in. He offered the drachma and the screen changed. She stared in amazement as Grover and Prim showed up on screen. "Katniss!" Prim exclaimed and ran as close to the screen as she could. "Prim! You're okay," Katniss said. I could hear the relief in her voice.

The two sisters talked for a while and then Percy and I talked to Grover for a bit. After our conversation, Effie was calling us to dinner. We said our goodbyes and promised to call again tomorrow. We ate dinner in silence. We had explained to Katniss what the plan was and she was just as skeptical as Grover was. To be honest, I was a bit skeptical myself. After dinner, I showered and changed for bed. I lay for a while thinking. Finally, Percy emerged and joined me. "We'll be ok, Wise Girl," he told me. "It's a good plan." "I know, Seaweed Brain. I know. I'm still scared," I said. "It's ok to be scared Annabeth. No one is fearless. We just have to be able to deal with our fears," he said. I faked a gasp. "Did Perseus Jackson just say something philosophical? It's a miracle!" I exclaimed. "Haha. You're so funny Wise Girl," he said. I settled back into the blankets and fell asleep with his arms around me.

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