Forever? Always

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September 13,2012 my name is Myra, me, I'm the girl with her head in a book, good grades,

studies all the time but tends to fall in love with bad people with bad grades, tattoos, gets into

fights, well This describes Kyle my crush. He's kind of a player. Today he was kissing Jennifer the

school slut God she's a show off she's the girl who thinks she's better then everyone and every guy

like Kyle. Kyle has like young Justin Bieber hair dark black eyes you can see into his soul. He has a

6'4 frame I was 5'3. My best friend Shailene Makes fun of me because I like Kyle and he'd never like a girl

like me. I've always told her i know but maybe he would change or it would be different with me or

something but nothing's ever happened like that. We've talked

because in the past he's always asked me To do his homework and I did it because I like him. The

next day September 14 he walked up to me and asked if I would be his partner for our biology

project I think I started blushing I hope he didn't notice but I said yea sure he probably only asked

because he knows I get good grades but maybe if we get closer he might fall for me no that's not

real that's a fairy tale but maybe it will happen yea ok not.

Kyle's pov

Myra Myra Myra how could I like her but I do she has pretty blonde hair blue dreamy eyes the only

Reason I go out with all the girls is because I don't think she would ever go out with me maybe if I

Get closer to her then she'll go out with me that will never happen. I'll drive over to her house and

I'll ask if we can work on our project for an excuse to hang out with her.

Myra's pov

I walked home from school and I was working on my homework and I herd the doorbell ring I

Walked over to the door and looked through the key hole and I saw Kyle. I wondered y he was here

My house. I opened the door and I said come on in and he came in and asked if we can work

on our project and I said sure. He made me so nervous and scared I hated it. He saw a guitar in the

Corner and asked me if I play and I said it used to be my dad he past away Kyle said his parents

died to. So we were working on the project while my mom was at work. Half way through we took a

break and he asked me if I had a boyfriend and I said no why and he said how could someone as

Pretty as you not have a boyfriend ha you think I'm pretty ok. What about you don't you have a

Girlfriend you mean Jennifer nah we broke up I need someone with good grades and isn't a slut

he giggled well I'm not a slut and I get good grades he said yea I know I need someone like you

Oh I said. Then he asked if I had ever had my first kiss well that's kinda personal I said he said yea

I know I was just wondering so have you have you I asked yea you saw me yesterday he said

Ok no I haven't I said well maybe I can change that he said giggling. ok I said ok so let's

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