Chapter four

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Recap: I looked at her and held my hand out to her, and when she grabbed it I yanked her down ontop of me. I smiled at her and she held herself up with her hands. I put my hands on her waist and saw her lean down to kiss me. I was just about to kiss her when I heard her dad yell from the door.

Stephanie's POV~

My heart was racing when Seth pulled me onto him. I just stared at him and my eyes moved to his smile. I bit my lip and my eyes met his again before I leaned forward to kiss him. I saw him move his head up and just as we were about to kiss my dad yelled from the door. We both looked at him. "What are you guys doing? You're all wet!" He yelled at us. I noticed he had a smile on his face and two towels in his hands. I got up and pulled Seth up with me, laughing. I saw him look at me and smile and I blushed a little before looking away. He kept my hand in his as we walked inside and got dried off. "Thanks dad." I smiled as I grabbed the towel. He nodded to Seth and went to turn the sprinklers off. Killer had to stay outside so he didn't bring mud inside.

After we got upstairs I told Seth I was going to shower. "Ok. I'll be here." He smiled and I went out to the bathroom. I washed my hair and body before getting out. I grabbed my housecoat off the door and went to the sink to brush my teeth. When I was finished in the bathroom I went back to my room to see Seth sleeping on the bed. I smiled at how cute he was and grabbed some clothes quickly from my dresser before going back to the bathroom to change. I didn't look at when I was grabbing. I just took the first piece of clothes my hands touched. I had a purple tee shirt and sweat pants. I threw it on and shrugged before going back. I stood at the door and noticed Killer sitting on the floor watching Seth sleep. I laughed and walked over to him, putting my face right in his and yelling "SETH WAKE UP!" I laughed when he jumped and fell off the bed. He glared at me and I shrugged, walking down to the living room.

"Seth! I don't like that movie!!" I said and threw it at his head. He laughed and rubbed the back of his neck where it hit. "Then you come pick one! And I don't like comedy or romance." He said and got up. I went over and chose a random movie off the shelf. I didn't show him what it was and I put it in before going to sit beside Seth. He put his arm around me and hit play. I smiled and put my head on his shoulder. When the movie started I felt him stiffen beside me. "What's wrong Seth?" I turned to look at him and saw he wasn't looking at the tv. "Seth? You can tell me." He moved his arm and got up before looking at me. "I'm gonna... Go for a walk.." He said slowly, rubbing his neck with his left hand. I started to stand up but he put his hand out making me stop. "Alone." He said before leaving.

Seth's POV~

I started walking down the road when a black jeep stopped in front of me and my friend Pete rolled the passenger side window down. "Aye, Seth there's a party at my girlfriends place. Get in." He said. I looked back the way I came from and saw Stephanie standing by the road. I sighed "we have to go get someone first." I said and jumped in. He looked at me and raised an eyebrow "is it that girl up the road?" He asked and I nodded and looked back. Pete backed the truck up to the house and I told Stephanie about the party. "Wanna come? If you don't I will stay here with you." I said and started to get out. "No no I'll go. Just let me go get changed." She started to leave when Pete called her. "Aye! You look good already. Sandra will kill me if I'm not there before other guests. Get in." He unlocked the back door and she hopped in after locking her house.

About three hours after we got to the party I saw Stephanie go upstairs with some guy. She looked kinda drunk so I followed them. I turned the last corner just in time to see her walk through a door before it closed. 'Shit!' I said to myself before running to the door. I stood outside the door for about fifteen minutes before I heard footsteps coming closer. The entire fifteen minutes was spent talking about Roger.

Stephanie's POV~

I walked out of the room with James and saw Seth walking out of the bathroom across the hall. He smiled at me and I said bye to James before walking to Seth. "Hey." I said with a smile. He hugged me tight. "I'm sorry." He whispered into my ear. I frowned and pulled away to look at him. "What for? You didn't do anything wrong." I said and raised an eyebrow. He looked at the floor and sighed. "I saw you going up with him.." He pointed to James's back and I nodded for him to continue. "And you looked a little drunk. So I followed you guys up and stood outside the door. I was listening to everything so if he did anything to you I could help." He said and looked at me sadly. I smirked at him and grabbed his hand. "Seth I knew you were there." I smiled and started walking back downstairs, pulling him behind me. When we got downstairs I saw that most of the people had left and the rest were sleeping on the floor or couches. I laughed at them and felt Seth put his arm around my waist, pulling me closer. I looked up to him to see what was wrong and saw him glaring at something. When I looked over I moved closer to Seth. Jake was standing in the doorway. He was staring at me as if I was his. I shivered and started pulling Seth backwards to the back door.

Seth's POV~

I saw that man standing at the door. What was his name again? Jack? Jake? Whatever his name is, I'm not going to let him touch her. I care about her way to much. I put my arm around her waist and pulled her closer. When she saw him she started walking backwards. We were almost at the backdoor when Pete walked up to us. "Aye what's wrong?" He asked and turned to where we were looking. "Nothing's there guys. Aye? What are you staring at?" I blinked at looked to see that it wasn't him it was just some guy that looked like him. I shook my head and looked down at Stephanie to see her staring blankly at the door. I shook her and grabbed her hand. "Come on." I said quietly to her and we went out the back. "Hey Pete! Give us a ride?" I asked once we were all outside. He nodded and grabbed his keys.

I sat in the back with Stephanie and she sat really close. I think she was still a little frightened. I put my arm around her shoulder and pulled her into me more. "It's ok Stephanie. I won't let him hurt you." I said and kissed the top of her head. She nodded and looked at me like a helpless child and my heart sank. Pete stopped one block away from Stephanie's house and we saw flashing lights. Her head shot up off me and I was looking at the house in worry. "Pete go!" I yelled at him and he pressed on the gas. When I got out of the car and passed the police cruiser I saw someone familiar and looked around. There was blood everywhere. I could hear Killer growling at someone before a gun went off. I dropped Stephanie's hand and ran towards the noise to see him laying on the ground. "What the hell did you do to him?!" I yelled at the police man. "He was trying to attack me." He stated simply. This got me angry. Killer was a part of Stephanie's family and now he might die. I got up and punched the guy in the face just as Stephanie walked around the house.

(A/N: ok I'm almost positive that this chapter is the shortest and if it is than I'm really sorry I just didn't really know what to write. I hope you like it and if you want me to add anything or change something don't hesitate to let me know)

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