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HELLLOOOO, Well I will be telling you how to dress, if makeup is good or not and blah blah blah,

let's get to it.

So makeup, I would say you can wear makeup, but just not too much, if you have brown eyes you can just put on eyeliner and you'll look beautiful same if your eyes are hazel or green, but if you think that's not enough, just cover those blemishes and then just black eyeliner, it looks better than full make up, it really does, now for dressing do not dress like a hooker, nothing to short but also nothing too long, I wouldn't choose anything too flashy because he'd probably think you want all attention on you, i'm not saying you shouldn't do it but if you want to always try new styles on Friday, i'd usually wear something casual like a sweater, jeans, and my high tops, but if your not that kind of girl, you can wear flats, a skirt and any shirt, but it has to match what your wearing. THAT is all I got (: and any questions just ask, and i'll ask my brothers or a friend if I don't know. yea I wrote two other books you can check 'em out of you wanna I just started the other soooooooo yea, BYEEEEEEEZ 

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