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Hey lovely people

How are you all doing in this lovely day??

These are few facts that might help if you feel depressed.

With all the exams going on and coming I am pretty sure you are forced to feel depressed

And one personal advice if things are giving too much of a stress then just stop doing it. The maximum that will get you is a fail mark but on the other way it will get you a room in the mental asylum lol.

Just be cool and never stress up. Okay enough of that the facts are

1. Depression distorts your thinking. When you are depressed, your mind can play tricks on you. If you have thoughts of suicide, please call someone immediately. Don't let a temporary glitch in your thinking cause you to harm yourself or another.

2. Depression makes you selfish. It's very hard to think of other people when you're wrapped in a prickly blanket of sadness, and all you can think about is your own pain. Be proactive and take the steps you need to heal.

3. Persistent irritability can be a symptom of depression. If the world, your life, or your loved ones constantly tick you off, the cause might be something that's going on inside of you.

4. Alcohol is a depressant. So are marijuana and a host of other recreational or street drugs. Self-medication is not going to get you better and will surely make you worse over time. Remember that all medications, including anti-depressants, have side effects.

5. People don't choose to be depressed, but they do make a choice about how to deal with it. You can choose to do nothing, but denying that you have a problem will only make you feel worse.

6. Depression can be as hard on your loved ones as it is on you. Those closest to you may start to feel unloved, and may distance themselves so they aren't pulled into your pain. Remember that others are counting on you.

7. Exercise is the easiest and least expensive cure for depression. Just walking 30 minutes a day will help you and sometimes completely alleviate your symptoms. For this very reason, many therapists take walks with clients instead of doing "couch time."

8. A study from the Pittsburgh School of Medicine compared the depression statistics of teenagers with the amount of time the spend consuming various forms of media. As it turns out, those teenagers who spent the majority of their time listening to music were 8.3 times as likely to be depressed than students who didn't spend most of their time listening to music.

On the flip side, (and this certain to cause many of our teenage readers to roll their eyes) the adolescents who read books the most were only 1/10 as likely to be depressed. Of course, this limited study can't make any claims one way or another as to how music and books are related to depression. Maybe excessive music-listening causes depression, or maybe music is just a good coping mechanism for teens who are already depressed. Maybe books lift people's spirits, or maybe the fact that depressed people have difficulty concentrating on books is a more relevant consideration.

Hope it helped you:-)

Need a shoulder to cry on or a freind to console you Remember I am here:-)



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