part 3

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The next day after the concert Justin called me and said he will pick me up from school to go to his place  after school i went to his place we went to his bedroom he started kissing my neck then his soft lips reached mine slowly starting to me them next thing i know hands wander down to my thighs going to towards my wet core his hand pulling down my trousers and sexy lingerie his fingers stroking my clit i moan quietly then i feel his finger inside me

i shout ' JUSTIIN '

he says 'does that feel good baby '

i reply ' it feels amazing '

i start grabbing his hard length putting my hand down his shorts rubbing his cock up and down Justin moans then know that he likes it i carry on tills he takes his fingers out and takes off his shorts then grabs my legs holding them apart he slowly puts his men parts inside me making me moan going in and out hard and fast continuously then we both bust we get off the bed and get in the shower and wash our selves off

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