Chapter One ~ Bumping and Falling for a guy I never met... literally

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My dad, brother, Devon, sister, Jade and I just moved from Minnesota and now we’re here in Newark, New Jersey because my dad got a promotion. So his new job promotion is moved to New Jersey. It’s just me, my dad, my brother and sister now. My mom died when my brother, sister and I were really young. So basically ten years later, present time, we’re moving to a new place away from home and into a new one.

When we got to our new home, we started unpacking. Unpacking our stuff took three days which was really though. My new room is bigger than my old one which is cool. We have a study room and a small music room. My brother and sister also has their own rooms. My room is completely pink but I minus well change it soon. Just not now cause as of right now, I’m totally tired.

My dad told us to take a two week brake at home before going into a new school but my sister refused, so she went on the next day to attend school. So yeah, my brother and I are going to be a little off schedule of every class. Those two weeks are just cleaning and changing most of the color of some rooms and decorations. Jade said that I should walk on to the neighbor’s house to greet them. The first house I went to was really nice. A cute old couple lives there. The second house was as nice too. But the one of the family members wasn’t there. “I’m sorry dear. You would’ve met my son. He’s out with his friends right now but I’m gonna make sure you’ll meet him. I’ll make him come by your house. Oh and here’s your welcome gift, honey” she says as she hands me a flower vase. “The flowers look lovely Mrs. Cruise. Thank you” I said. “Nice to meet you sweetie” she then adds. Her daughters are really nice. Zoey and Alex. Zoey is the youngest and Alex is the eldest.

Two weeks have finally passed and now I’m just getting ready for school. Jade knocked on the bathroom door. “Eila, hurry up or we’ll be late!” she shouted. I hurried out of the shower and put the towel around me, I opened the door and ran to my room and immediately got into my clothes. I’m wearing a simple sweater and jeans, keds on for shoes, a piece of my hair clipped while the rest is down and grabbed my glasses and school stuff. I ran downstairs and saw my two other siblings who are already ready and my dad ready for work.

“what took you so long?” Dev asked while stuffing bread in his mouth.

“yeah bud. What took you so long?” dad repeated.

“I read the new book I bought yesterday and couldn’t look away. So it kinda kept me all night and I already finished it” I answered while grabbing a bowl for cereal.

“woah! You’ve already finished it??” Dev asked with a funny shocked face.

“Yes, Dev. Why are you so surprised? She’s always like that. She’s a little ‘ol crazy book worm just like…” Jade paused.

My dad sighed “just like your mother” he continued.

The whole room was quiet. Dev then broke the silence. “Weeeell! We gotta head off now or we’ll all be late for another horrible-“ Jade elbowed him. “Ouch! I mean another GREAT day” he says as he rubs his arm.

“Oh yes! We must go! Your bus might leave you guys” dad says.

Jade and I giggled. While Dev just shakes his head yet smiles. The four of us headed for the door. I gave dad a kiss on the cheek. We walked towards the school bus stop and waited for a minute. In the bus I saw that Jade already made friends. Dev got invited by a bunch of guys of his age and level. While I sat at the back row all alone reading another new book. While passing a few houses, a bunch of students came in and sat in groups. I’m still alone. Until two people came walking towards me. A cool looking guy and a fun looking girl. They sat next to me with big smiles on their faces.

“Hey there new kid!” the girl says as she looks at the cover of my book.

“That is a good book. Hey, Kate. You should read that” the cool looking guys said.

“Yeah I should someday” she says then looks at me. “oh! how rude of us. I’m Kate Smith. Nice to meet you!”

“And I’m Callan Anderson. What’s up?” he says as he flashes a smile.

“I’m Eila. Eila Page” I said shyly.

“ooooooh! Just like Ellen Page! That’s so cool” Kate says.

“Ellen Page is awesome” Callan adds.

“So what’s up? We’ve never seen you here before” Kate asks.

“I actually just moved here from Minnesota” I answered as I put away my book.

“That is so cool!” Kate screams as a few students looks at us. “oops. Sorry” she adds.

“you’ll love it here, Eila. Our school is awesome”

“It’s only awesome when interesting things happens” Kate protests.

We talked until we reached the school. The school is huge. There’s a really big field, for football and for running in tracks.

Kate and Cal guided me to the principal’s office to have information on my classes and the passcode for my locker. Kate and Cal were nice enough to wait for me. They guided me to where my locker was and where all my other classes are.

The school bell rang and it was time for lunch. Kate, Cal and I headed towards the canteen. I grabbed a tray and got some food from the lunch lady. The food she gave me is an apple, a slice of cheese pizza and I got a coke. While I was walking while looking down, I bumped into someone. My tray fell so my lunch is now on the floor. “Oh my gosh. I am so sorry” I said while pushing my glasses back. “It was my fault really” I added. I slowly looked up and woah. He is so cute! He’s also wearing a beanie over his dirty blonde hair. “It’s fine” he says as he smiles and laughs a little. Kate and Cal were signaling me to walk towards them. As I’m about to walk towards them, I slipped on the cheese pizza and stumbled over to the guy who was in front of me. We both fell on the ground. I got so embarrassed because I could feel that everyone was staring at us. I’m blushing so bad right now. This is so embarrassing.

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