June's POV:

I followed the she-cat as she led me behind a large rock.    She stopped walking and turned to me. "I'm s-sorry I ran into y-your terri..territo...territory." I said, my voice was very low so I wasn't even sure if she heard me. "Oh its alright I suppose. My warriors should know not to attack a kit." she said. There was soon an akward silence between us. 

"Uh..h-how...why did you ask me to follow you?" I asked breaking the silence. "I would like if you joined Thunder Clan" the she-cat responded. I was shocked. She just asked ME to join this group! "..Uh..I..Dunno..I..guess" I wasn't too sure to be honest. All these cats gave me dark looks. But I won't survive long out in the wilderness alone. I was attacked twice out there! By that strange cat with those ice blue eyes, and by Dark Stripe.

"I would prefer if you gave me a straight answer please." the she-cat said sternly. "...Yes...i would l-like to join Thunder Clan." I say confidently. She smiled. "Good. Well I will show you around then make the announcement of our newest clan member...What is your name?" "My name is June.." I responded still keeping my confident tone. "Hm.. Well you appear close to apprentice age.. So you'll be known as June paw" the blue cat said. "By the way my name is Blue Star. I am the leader of Thunder Clan." she added.

I nodded. "Well follow me." Blue star said. She turned and walked off. I followed her. She walked over to a large rock. "This is High Rock. This is were I make the announcements...We'll return here later." Blue star said. She walked off and I continued to follow her. She showed me mainly around the camp. The nursing den, medicine den, leaders den, warriors, apprentice den, and the kill pile. She showed me where I'll most likely train at, where they hunt and the borders of their territory.

I would of paid more attention to what she said and enjoy the scenery if the clan cats didn't give me dirty looks. I'll have to get on their good sides if I want to be accepted here. "That's it." Blue star said as she stopped walking once she reached High Rock. "It's time we introduce you." I started to become very nervous. "Uhm...I..Everycat..seems.. To hate me." I mewed. "Do not fret. They don't take kindly to new comers. Especially a kitty pet." Blue star said. I sighed "O-okay I guess. But I don't want to get into any fights with any cat" Blue star nodded and started walking up High Rock. I hesitantly followed her. Once we reached the top she started calling out. Many cats came to the rock. They sat at the bottom and stared up at us. I could already see the look of disapproval in their eyes.

Blue star stopped her mewing and stared out at the crowd of cats. "Hello every one. I have called us all here to introduce you to a new member of our clan. June paw" Right after she said that, the cats started chattering. I could hear a few harsh sentences such as "Another weak kitty pet?" "I give her a week. She won't last long. She'll go running back to her two legs!" and "Great another mouth to feed"

I whined a bit. Why did they have to be so cruel? "Stay confident. You cannot look like a coward..." Blue star whispered. I nodded and stood up high and tall. I had a stern look on my face now. The fear was slowly drifting away and I started to find this quite fun to be honest. "Why do we need another stupid kitty pet? Especially a RUNT!" A cat spoke up from the crowd. Blue star looked down at the cat coldly. "Because. We just do." she spat. "Also what in the name of Star Clan is that on her bang? A heart? What were you? A fashion kitty pet. Haha" The cat continued. I stared at the cat thinking of what to say. "Well? Go on. Show them you can stand up for yourself. You need to prove your self worthy of being in this clan" Blue star whispered to me. I nodded. I needed to do this. To prove myself  worthy.

I cleared my throat. "Well.. Sorta. My owners added this permanent mark on me. But that's not the point of this meeting. So I say you should shut your trap and let Blue Star finish her announcement without your petty jokes." There were a few "Oooos" from the crowd. "What did you say?" the cat growled. I started to cower back but I knew I had to keep strong. Lets just try to make this fun..a joke maybe? "Ya heard me. Yes that's right, this runt kitty pet just talked back." I said I giggled a bit. This might be fun.

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