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This... DESTROYED MY PRECIOUS FEELS! How did you destroy my feels of steel and make my eyes nearly sweat?!

Oh well... a personal book review because I liek it so much :3



-in a MunchingBrotato voice because I can xD-

-sans swearing-


Its very well-written. You need to acquire feels of steel first though :3 The story starts with out knight- I mean cat in shining armor sitting all alone in a majestically empty manor. He meets new people but his voice is um... not yet named x) Somewhere in the story, he calls the voice wait a moment... I'm giving a spoiler x( Fine but whatever. At least the plot wasn't straying too far. Now for the plot twists... Tyler is Seto's twin?! -imagines Tyler- -faints- ~TDA

Oh well... I should finish the review right now xD Overall, the story is amazing! It was worth the wait! She searched for months just to find a setosorcerer fanfic she can review and die at the end. Throw in MunchingBrotato was his twin and you got her xD I certainly liked the idea of Le author of the book finally cracking her feels of steel. Good job there ^-^ 12/10 :D ~Adi

-wakes up- I should be more careful next time... I might break my glasses... (I don't wear them IRL. Not yet xD I'm going to convince uncle into giving me reading glasses. If there is wrong spelling except the word 'liek' blame it on my bad vision) ~TDA

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