KaiKira (Ch1) 1

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"A blank memory" P1

On the 24th of April 1997, 9:46AM a boy was born, black haired with light skin. Since he was born, every night, right when the stars are shining brightly, this boy starts crying, crying really hard, diving in pain! Neither do his mother or father knows the reason why. Every night at the same exact time, everything starts over again. The parents couldn’t handle it! Tried every way, visited many doctors, asked special people, even those who got experience in self-issues! But no, none of them was able to help, the father was sick of this he wants a normal child, he thought of his own son as a freak!

 “Maya we are getting rid of the child.” He said with a serious tone

“First of all his name is Kai, he Is your son! Don’t just call him the child! And second of all NO! I’M NOT GETTING RID OF MY SON!!”

 Zan slapped her and said “wake up Maya! He is not normal! Can’t you see what’s happening? Months have passed and all they told us was ‘we didn’t meet anyone with this issue or this is the first time’ and blah! See!”.

 A black aura surrounded the woman and said “look, hating your son doesn’t mean that i his mother will leave him behind, if you don’t want to stay JUST LEAVE! This isn’t the first time you’ve talked to me about this!”

 “how do you expect me to leave you and go!” he asked angrily.

 “does it matter if you did?” that was the woman’s response

 “of course it does!!!”

“then why do you think of doing such a horrible thing to your son?! Kai doesn’t deserve  living in pain more than he already do!” she stated.

“how can I call a monster my son!!! Even though his looks changes when that happens!"

“for the last time I’m saying this Zan, Don’t. Ever. Try. And. Talk. About. This. AGAIN!! UNDERSTAND? Or just.. leave..! it will be the only solution! Though I don’t want you to but sorry, I’m not leaving my son”

 “neither do I want to leave you too but SORRY we are getting rid of him-“

“NO NO JUST NO! WE ARE-“ she looked at him with one look and then started hitting his chest over and over.

 Zan held her shoulders and said “look Maya! Look! Directly into my eyes..”

she looked at him with teary ones.

He smiled and hugged her “we can build a new family! And we wi-“

”ZAN! you know what? I’ll carry my son and take my leave..” she let go of the man’s embrace and went away.

 The man followed her, “Maya!”

“stop it Zan!”

“Maya come here!” 

“ No!!” she shouted,


Maya’s eyes went wide. “w-what?”

 “yes maya, it’s for your sake..”

"For your informationes, his SAKE! is my SAKE!"

then she slammed the door shut right after these words, turning around looking at her 7 months old son and then turning to the window just to see the sun is setting already, she leant on the wall, shaking, sliding slowly to the floor, hugging her knees, sobbing, a little while and then she stopped crying, Maya stood up staring at what’s behind the clear window, the first star was shown and then..

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