Wow (chapter 8)

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Justin's POV:

When we got to DIAGON ALLEY! I looked at my sister and she had the biggest smile on her face. Then she started screeching in a high pitch voice!

Justin: The first thing we need to do is go to Ollivanders!

Lucy: OK!

She said excitedly. We were on our way when I fell over and someone was on top of me.

Justin: Ow!

???: Sorry! I'm Sarah!

Justin: I'm Justin.

Sarah: Oh, well hi!

Justin: Hi! Are you new here?

Sarah: Last year I was. I'm in Hufflepuff.

Justin: I'm in Gyrffindor.

Lucy:And I'm bored.

Justin: Sorry about my sister!

Sarah: It's ok! Well I think I should get going see you at the train! Bye!

Justin and Lucy: Bye!

We stared walking again.

Justin: What was that for?

Lucy: Huh?

Lucy's POV:

I was so confused why he was so made at me. Then I bumped into someone muscular. I looked up.

Lucy: I'm sorry!

???: It's okay. I'm Liam.

Lucy: I'm Lucy!

Liam: Nice to meet you Lucy!

Lucy: Nice to meet you too Liam!

Liam: Are you new to Hogwarts?

Lucy: Yeah.

Liam: Me too.


Lucy: I got to go. Bye!

Liam: Bye!

I walked over to Justin.

Justin: Who is he?

Lucy: Liam.

Justin: Do you like him?

Lucy: Maybe!

I think I do like him. Can I like someone I just met?

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