Chapter 22

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AN:  Here we go…a part from date number two. 

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The place that Daryl had chosen to take Carol was something of a burger joint that was two towns over.  It was one of those kooky little themed restaurants that was based on being something of a time warp.  Carol had seen in a billion times…she liked shopping at the mall in town…and more than once she’d voiced her desire to go there just for the novelty of it.

But typically she was with one or more of the Glory Gals and she always got shot down in favor of the Mediterranean restaurant that was just a little farther down in the same strip.

But Daryl had decided to take her there and hadn’t told her anything about it until they pulled into the parking lot and he killed the engine of his truck.

And Carol knew that she really shouldn’t be so excited about the place…after all it was just a burger joint that typically looked to be overflowing with teenagers, one of the principal arguments her friends made against going there…but she was excited simply because she’d always been curious about, burgers and fries or not. 

“You’re sure you want to go here?”  Carol asked, trying not to seem overly enthusiastic.

Daryl smiled at her and nodded his head. 

“I’m the one that brung us here, ain’t I?”  He asked.

“There’s probably a lot of teenagers here…” Carol said.

Daryl chuckled. 

“So?  They gotta eat too…come on…” Daryl said. 

He got out of the truck and Carol wondered if she should get out and join him, but he’d been adamant about opening her door at the house so she sat and waited to see if he would come around.  And he did, opening her door and offering her a hand. 

“Ya like this place alright?” Daryl asked, furrowing his brow slightly. 

Carol nodded, perhaps a little too enthusiastically. 

“I’ve never been,” she admitted.  “But I wanted to go…it looks interesting?  Don’t you think?  It’s cute…” 

Daryl chuckled.

“Cute is good?”  He asked.

Carol nodded.

“Cute is good,” she confirmed.

He chuckled again. 

“Well…hell…let’s go then…have somethin’ cute ta eat…” Daryl said.


Daryl was more nervous at this date than he’d been at the first. 

He was starting, or so he thought, to really like Carol.  He was beginning to admit it to himself.  There was something about her that he just liked being around…he liked thinking about her. 

She smiled a lot and she crinkled her nose when she smiled.  And it was cute…though Daryl hadn’t much thought of himself as being someone who liked “cute” things before. 

There was something about her that he wasn’t used to from the women that he’d dated before.  It was something almost unapologetic.  Even when she did apologize for things, it was almost insincere…and not in a bad way.  It was more like she was simply comfortable being herself…and that in itself was almost unnerving for Daryl.  Because if she was comfortable with herself, that meant she was probably a lot less “needy” than some of the women that he had been with. 

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