Chapter 4

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*~< Phantasma's POV >~*

I wake up and yawn, going to get up and stretch when I felt a strong arm around my waist. I turn to see Danny, fast asleep..... and naked. I looked down at myself, remembering what happened the night before. My face turned red and I smile at the memory.

He opened his eyes and yawned. "Good morning beautiful." he cooed in his groggy morning voice. Damn was that sexy...

"Good morning Danny." I smile, nuzzling into him. He hugged me tightly, then our ghost senses went off. "Damn it..." I hear him mumble under his breath. He and I hopped out of bed and phased to our ghost forms, flying out the window.

There was panic and screaming from people on the streets. What was the cause? Skulker. The ghost bounty hunter who is always chasing Danny and I. He sees us and smirks. "Danny Phantom. I see you brought your little pet with you this time." Did he just call me a pet!? I felt my eyes go black and I growl.

"Leave Skulker before I do things that will leave you as a heap of ectoplasm." I say, claws twitching.

"Oh Demona..." he began. Yes Demona is my ghost cover. "You really are adorable. Its a shame that I have to kill you."

"Bring it!" And with that Danny began firing at him. As he fired back at Danny I phase into a wolf and charge him, biting into his metallic leg armor. "Hey!" he said, lookin down at me. He aimed one of his cannons at me, then I release his leg and phase into a Cerberus. Yes the three headed guard dogs of the underworld. Bad ass I know.

He gulped. "Ah shit....." he mumbled. I roared, the sound echoing through the streets. Skulker began to fly away, only to run into Danny, who held the thermos to his chest. "Oh hey cool I wonder what this button does." He smirked, turning it on. A beam of light flew out of it, sucking Skulker into it.

I turn back to my human ghost form and fly up to Danny. He hugged me and I smile. "We make a great team." he said, kissing my forehead. I nod. "Yea. We do." The smile on my face faded when I heard a girl squeal.

"Its the ghost boy!" she squeaked in that annoying accent. Paulena... my eyes turned black again.

"I'll handle her Taz don't worry." Danny smiled, flying down to her.

"Oh my goodness I can't believe its you! Oh ghost boy I love you! You're my hero!" She said, Danny only smirked.

"Demona come down here! There's someone I want you to meet." I flew down, eyes finally back to their pale blue. "Paulena, this is Demona... my girlfriend." I blushed. He called me his girlfriend!

"What!? She's not even pretty!" Paulena protested.

"Oh OK Yea I see Paulena. I don't need outer beauty because I have inner beauty. Maybe you should eat some of that make up of yours so you can be to!" I growl, fangs bared.

Danny chuckled as Paulena looked at us, shocked. "You'll regret this ghost boy! No one ever refuses me!"

"Just did." Danny smiled, kissing my cheek, making Paulena storm off.

"She's pissed!" I laugh, making Danny chuckle.

"Yea she is.... and I really don't care... and you were right. She does have outer beauty but all of that means nothing if she has an ugly heart."

I smile and grab his hand and we fly off, going to Danny's place. We go invisible so his parents wouldn't see us if they were in the lab. Good thing is they weren't. We land and open the portal, setting Skulker out of the thermos and back into the ghost zone, then closing it again.

"I still can't believe that 3 years ago you and I were standing here, marveling at this thing even if it wasn't on." he smiled. I nod and hold his hand, flying up to the front door as we phase back. "Wanna come in for a quick bite?" he offered.

"I would love to Mr. Fenton." I giggle and walk into his house, his parents sitting in the living room working on some new invention. His father looked up, saw Danny and I hand in hand, and grinned. "I knew you two should end up together some day!" he exclaimed. "Now Vlad owes me 5 bucks!"

"You bet to see how long it would take for me to get a girlfriend!?" Danny yelled.

"No we bet on who would be your girlfriend. He said Sam and I said Taz. I win!"

I laugh. "Love you to Mr. Fenton."

"Taz you've know me since you were in diapers you can call me Jack." he smiled. "Hell at this point I wouldn't mind you calling me dad!"

"Jack honey stop it you're embarrassing him! Look how red he is!" His mom giggled.

She was right. He was redder than a tomato... it was so cute! "Uh we're going to get some food." He said, trying to change the subject. He took my hand again and we walked into the kitchen. "What would ya like?" he asked, looking through the cupboards.

"Buttery popcorn, a couple of sodas, and a movie up in your room." I respond.... a little to quickly. He laughed and nodded, putting the popcorn in the microwave and sitting down next to me.

"So what movie would you wanna watch?"

"Red riding hood?"

He smiled and kissed my cheek. "Sounds like a plan, my love."

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