Liam's POV:

After I had told y/n, Niall and Harry that i accepted their little love triangle they were ecstatic. I pulled Harry and Niall into a seperate room to talk.

"Boys, I am warning you, I treat y/n like a little sister to me, and even though we arent related I still believe she is my sister. So what I am trying to say is that if I find out either one of you has hurt her you will have me to deal with." I finished my rant and left them to it in the room.

I walked back over to y/n and sat her on my lap again.

"y/n, if any either Harry or Niall mess with your head or heart come straight to me and I will sort them out, alright I think of you like a sister and I love you like my own family." I explained to her, she hid in my chest to hid her blushing face but it didnt work.

"Li, I will come straight to you or Zayn, because Zayn if literally the person I would go to first when he was at home, before I even walked to the house I would tell him if something happened, but i promise i will come to one of you." y/n got up off my lap and walked over to Zayn and Perrie.

Zayn's POV

y/n started to walk over to me and Perrie after talking with Liam, I didnt hear what they were talking about but I didnt mind, I still needed to get my head around this love triangle.

When y/n reached us, she sat on my lap and gave Perrie a look that, i guess only girls understand as Perrie got up and walked to the kitchen.

"Zayn, I get if you arent happy with my decision, but I am in love with both Harry and Niall, it has also appeared that they are in love too. It works Z. I promise you." she looked into my eyes, they were glossy, she was trying not to cry.

I hugged her tight and whispered in her ear...

"If either of them hurt you in any way tell me, and they will no longer be in the band, instead they will be six feet under." I said in complete seriousness, y/n means the world to me, more than anyone ever knows. I would hate to see her hurt even more than she already is.

y/n sat up and looked at me,

"Z. can I take Perrie and Sarah shopping to buy some new bellybars, tounge bars and nose studs please?" she pleaded.

"Sure Sis, just make sure Perrie doesnt get anything peirced." he joked i knew he wasnt being serious.

"Yay, thanks Z." with that her, Perrie and Sarah left.

**10 minutes later**

Liam walks over to me and sits down.

"Zayn, tell me honestly, do you accept the love triangle between y/n, Niall and Harry?" Liam asked me.

I hadnt really thought about it, I guess I needed to now though.

"Liam, in all honesty I havent really thought about it. I just want to make sure Niall and Harry dont hurt my little sister." I replied suddenly getting really over protective of y/n.

"Well Zayn I believe we should just let y/n date who she wants to date and if that turns out to be two of our best mate then thats who she chose, please just be happy for her. She has me, you, Louis, Sarah, Dani and Perrie to protect her if something goes wrong. Please just try and accept it for y/n if not for anyone else." Liam pleaded me.

I nodded in response and walked over towards the kitchen where Niall and Harry where.

I walked in on them making out, I cleared my throat awkwardly.

"Boys, just to let you know i accept the love triangle but if either one of you hurts y/n you will no longer be in this band because you will be six feet under, got it?" I asked.

"Got it." they both said in unison.

"Good, now I best get back to my flat i promised i would cook for Perrie." I said as i left.

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