**Feedback**“You ok?” Harry asked, looking worried. 

“Yeah, just made me think of the premiere.” I explained.

He nodded and pulled me into a big hug. 

“As long as you’re next to me, nothing can happen.” He whispered in my ear. 

I pecked his lips and we followed Zayn and Paul. We quickly arrived in the rehearsal room. 


A big mirror was separating us and the band. We were on the side where we could see the guys, but they couldn’t see us. They were all goofing around. Luke was somehow lying on the ground, facing the ground. Ashton was sat behind his drum, drinking a coffee. Michael and Calum were sat in a corner playing some hand games. A grinned grew on my face when I saw them.

“They’re on a pause.” The director explained us. 

We all nodded. The director leaned near a small microphone and pushed on a button.

“Guys, peoples are here to see you.” He said.

They all turned to the mirror, smiles growing on their face.

“Come here, guys.” Luke screamed from the other side.

Harry told me to stay near the door, to wait for my cue. Zayn and him went in and hugged the boys. They talked for a while until Harry announced that they had a surprise.

“Surprise, come here.” He screamed.

I giggled and went in. I haven’t made a step in, that Luke was jumping on me. He spinned me around as I tightened my grip around his neck. He put me back down, looked at me and hugged me again.

“I missed you so much.” He said.

“I missed you too.” I said, hugging back.

“Luke, you’re not the only one here who wants a hug.” Ashton said, pouting.

I turned to him and opened my arms before saying my cliché sentence.

“Come to mama.” I said, making him grin.

He hugged me tight, and quickly got pushed away from me by Michael who also wanted a hug. Calum then took his place in my arms. After the guys all separately hugged me, we all sat down on the ground and started to chat. Luke had pulled me over his lap even though Harry was there. I suddenly caught Harry’s glare and tried to let him know that it didn’t meant anything. I think he got it, because his body seemed to relax. Luke’s arms went around my waist and he pulled me closer. I giggled and he tightened his grip even more. We both fell on the floor, and he hurried to come over me, sitting on my thighs.

“What are you up to?” I asked, still giggling.

“I was getting bored staring at your back.” He said, showing his flawless smile. “I wanted to be staring at your pretty face instead.” He continued.

I rolled my eyes but still felt my cheeks heating up. Luke giggled. I quickly turned and tried to stand up, making him fall on the ground. The time he took to get back on his feet, I had rushed onto Harry’s lap, who had welcomed me with a lot of joy. As soon as I approached him, he pulled me onto his lap and put my leg on each side of his lap so that I would be facing him. He quickly reached for my face and crushed his lips onto mine. We hear a chord of “OOhhhhh”’s in our backs. I lightly blushed but didn’t dare to break the kiss. Harry’s hands fell from my waist to quickly join my bum. I pulled my hands off his neck and joined his and brought them back to their initial place. We both heard chuckles in the back. I finally broke the kiss by leaving a quick peck on Harry’s nose. I turned so Harry would face my back. I saw that the guys were obviously staring during all this time. I snapped my fingers so they would come back from their trance.

“Well, we see who’s wearing the pants in the couple.” Michael joked.

Everybody started to laugh their *** off as Harry hid his face in my back. I grabbed his hand and pressed it in mine. He leaned and kissed the top of my hand. I suddenly felt a phone vibrating. I quickly stood up and reached for my phone. I then understood that it was Harry’s phone that was vibrating in HIS pants. He automatically glued his phone to his ear, and quickly hung up.

“Zayn and I need to go for a rehearsal at the arena.” Harry said. “But Kim, you can stay though; the guys will eventually need to come anyway.” He finished.

“Good, we’ll see you later boo.” I said, walking his way and quickly pecking his lips.

I hugged Zayn, and as they were about to leave, Harry came my way and arranged my beanie on my head. I rolled my eyes as they left, and went back in the guys circle. We continued to talk, and I don’t know how, but I suddenly said that I always wanted to learn how to play guitar and Luke quickly stood up, grabbed an acoustic guitar, and handed it to me. I took it from his grip, and he sat in my back. He grabbed one of my hands, and put it on the frets. He then took the other one, and slowly passes it over the strings, making a sound out of it.

Luke P.O.V.

I put her left hand on the frets to make a D chord. I then grabbed her right hand and made it touch the few strings. A clear sound came out. She giggled, and it made me super duper happy. Michael clapped, and the others joined. I could see Kim’s cheek becoming pinker and pinker. I laughed and hid my face in the crook of her neck. Damn she smelled good.

“You know what; I need to go to the bathroom.” Calum randomly said.

“Yeah, me too.” Ashton added.

“And I’m hungry.” Michael said, rushing through the door with the rest of the guys.

I laughed knowing that they left to leave us alone. Kim giggled and propped her back against my chest. I put back her hands on the guitar and taught her some chords. After a few minutes she already had learned the chord for Try Hard’s chorus. I congratulate her and she thanked me before letting a little yawn escape her lips.

“Sorry, I’m a little tired.” She said.

“It’s alright, I am too.” I said.

We continued to learn a few other chords before we got interrupted by Kim’s phone. She quickly answered, nodded and hung up.

“We have to go, it was the show guy and he needs you at the arena in a few.” She explained.

I nodded and we went to the guys. We took them as we passed, and all hopped in the car.

How to be the Bieb's sister **Finished**Lisez cette histoire GRATUITEMENT !