in which they all work a case (13)

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(Dean's POV)

Dean sat down on his bed awkwardly, leaving room for Castiel next to him. When the dark haired boy sat down he twisted the ends of his shirt in his hands nervously, not making eye contact.

"Well I should probably take this off." Cas said, gesturing to the rips in the back from where his wings tore through.

"Uh, sure. I probably have a shirt you could borrow. Again." Dean replied. He tried to keep his eyes off of Castiel's lightly muscled chest as he pulled his shirt off but to no prevail. Cas caught him looking and suddenly there was a burst of black feathers and Castiel's face went to a deep red.

"Uh, sorry." Dean apologized, glancing down as he tossed Cas a random shirt. He felt his own face heat up as he heard Castiel try to wrestle his wings down until he finally slipped into the shirt. It was a gray v-neck and Dean couldn't help but notice the way it hugged his slim figure but wasn't too tight.

"Uh, Dean?" Cas waved a hand through the air. "Hellooo?"

"Sorry!" Dean shook his head. "Sorry, I just... You just... ugh I don't know."

Dean combed a hand through his dark blonde hair. Right as he was about to say something his door was thrown open.

"DEANHURRYUPTHERESA- oh, am I interrupting something?" Sam yelled as he burst through the door.

"Uh, no." Dean and Castiel said at once. Sam raised an eyebrow, then the urgency returned to his voice.

"Dean, the spirit is back! I don't know what we did wrong but it's still at the school and it killed a librarian!"

"God damnit." Dean muttered to himself. "Alright Cas, I don't know if you should come, this could get pretty dangerous, why don't you just stay here?"

This was met by a grade a bitchface from Castiel. "Are you serious, Dean? You do realize that I am an angel, right?"

"I don't know man." Dean felt suddenly protective of Cas and didn't want to risk him getting hurt.

"I'll meet you there." Cas said, and before Dean could stop him he disappeared.

"What the hell?" Sam said to no one in particular. Gabriel joined them in Dean's room.

"So, are we going to go or not? Lets kick some demon ass!" He said, clapping his hands before disappearing as well. Sam's confused gaze turned to Dean.

"I'll explain later. Get in the car." Dean walked down the hall, grabbing a leather jacket for himself and deciding to grab a coat for Castiel as well in case he got cold. It was an old, oversized trench coat but Dean was in too much of a rush to reselect.

Sam was already sitting in the driver seat of the car but when Dean gave him a killer look he shrugged out and into the passenger. With that, they sped down the road and down to the school.

(Castiel's POV)

Castiel ducked his head under the library desk.

"Did you find anything?" Gabe asked him between bites of his candy bar.

"Nothing yet." He replied, frowning. There was a large noise and Castiel sat up quickly, bumping his head on the bottom of the desk. He groaned as he pulled his head out. "What is it?"

"Your boyfriend and his hot younger brother just arrived." Gabe wriggled his eyebrows at Cas.

"I don't like Dean and he doesn't like me." He grumbled, checking around for more clues.

"Are you serious? I have proof! I have freaking pictures of him on top of you!" Gabe pulled his phone out and showed it to Cas. There was a picture of Dean laying on the ground next to the couch, his face a look that could only be described as confused but turned on, where as Castiel was flailing around trying to find Dean again. Castiel groaned. "Delete those."

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