-Kalel's POV-

I was walking through the halls of the house, looking for Anthony. I wanted to talk to him about the situation. He seemed pretty upset yesterday when I told him we couldn't do anything but wait. But that's all we could do...

I found Natalie sitting at the table in the dining room, reading The Ancient Book of Legends. I walked up to her and tapped her on the shoulder. She looked up at me.

"Do you know where Anthony is?" I inquired.

She heaved a sigh and returned her attention to the book, "He's at my mom's castle right now."

"Oh, okay," I retorted before starting to walk away. And that's when it hit me, "Wait, did you say your mom's castle? As in Idris's castle?"

"No, the mom who I lived with here on earth," She replied sarcastically, "Of course I mean Idris's castle!"

"What the fuck is he doing there!?!" I yelled at her, "He should be here! With us!"

"Kalel, you so full of shit, you know that, right?" She remarked, flipping one of the huge pages in The Ancient Book of Legends, "You knew all along that we could get Rachael back. But you belligerently told Anthony, right to his face, the girl that he loved was gone and there was nothing we could do until the day I foresaw." She glanced back at me, "You lied to your own husband just because you wanted her gone. You wanted to make it so Anthony stays with you. Because you know he doesn't love you anymore."

"That is not true!" I defended myself.

She laughed, "Yes it is!" She rose to her feet and pushed her chair in, "You're nothing but a jealous bitch, Kalel! Why do you think Idris put you in that halfway world in the first place? Not because you failed and fell in love with guy she cursed to kill you!"

I wrapped my hand around her neck and pushed her against the wall, "I'm not a jealous bitch," I growled, "And you don't know anything about me."

Natalie placed her hands on my stomach and flew me away from her. I slammed against the opposite wall, falling to the ground with a thud.

"You're right. I don't know anything about you, Kalel. But Rachael's my sister," Natalie remarked, walking towards me, "And I don't care if we have different dads or she's bad and I'm good, or if you hate her guts. She's my sister and I will do anything to save her. Even if that includes making your husband go and save her."

My cheeks burned and I clenched my fist. I rocketed my fist at her face but she caught it in her hand and grinned before squeezing my hand really tightly. I screamed in pain as I felt the bones in my hand crack. She released my hand once almost all of my bones were broken and walked away from me. I held my broken hand close to my chest as I began to cry.

-Anthony's POV-

I heaved a sigh and looked at the screens. K had gone to take a break. She said something about how she couldn't take it anymore and was going to go mad if she kept staring at the signal-less monitors. I looked at the screen labelled "Rachael". It was black with the same message that's been there since yesterday. I looked down at the control board and messed with a few switches and buttons and levers. I looked back up and saw a fuzzy image appear.

My heart skipped a beat when she came into focus. She was standing by a window in some castle, her arms crossed over her chest. I wondered what castle she was in, because it clearly wasn't this one...

"You got a signal for her!?!" I heard K exclaim behind me. I turned around and watched as she ran towards me. She did a few things on the control board and the image became clearer, "Oh my god, Anthony, you're amazing!" She told me, giving me a quick, unexpected hug. "Now we just need to find out where that place is..."

Just then, Joey's screen came on in a blur of fuzziness. K squealed in excitement as she fixed that monitor too. He was walking through halls. And that's when I saw him come into Rachael's screen. He handed her something. A white rose.

I stared at the screen in disbelief as Rachael took the flower into her possession.

"I picked it from the garden outside," He told her, "Just for you."

She grinned, "Thanks."

"What's that location, again?" I asked K angrily, knowing I had to find her soon before this Joey guy takes Rachael away from me.

"I'm working on it!" She called back from the machine that was printing out coordinates. I rolled my eyes and looked back at the screens, shaking my head in disappointment, "We'll find them soon," She reassured me, "Oh will Idris be so happy!" She sang. I gave her a weird look.

-Sam's POV-

I woke up to the sounds of people yelling at each other and something being thrown. I jumped out of bed and rushed downstairs. I watched as Natalie stormed out of the house and I heard whimpering from the dining room. I walked in and saw Kalel on her knees, holding her hand close to her chest.

"What happened?" I questioned as I helped her up.

"Natalie...she...we need to...the war...it's coming..." She answered in choppy little incomplete sentences as she tried her best to hold back the tears that wanted to stream down her cheeks.

"The war? What war?" I asked her, "The one with Idris?" Kalel nodded her head yes. "Oh my god! We've got to get everyone!" I yelled, running all around the house, but only to find that Ian and my grandfather were here. I came back to Kalel with Ian and my grandfather behind me. "Where is everyone?" I asked her.

She heaved a sigh and put her good hand on her hip, "Anthony's gone. At Idris's castle. Rachael's gone. Don't know where the hell she is, nor do I care. Natalie's stormed off somewhere. And I don't know where the fuck Joey is. It's only the four of us."

"What do you mean?" Ian inquired, "I just saw Natalie this morning."

"Yes, you did," My grandfather butted in, "But like Kalel said, she stormed off. We're going to have to find them." He looked at Kalel and demanded, "You go find Natalie." He pointed at me, "Sam, go see if you can find your brother." He glanced over at Ian and declared, "You and I will start looking for Rachael. When we find them, we'll all go to Idris's castle and get Anthony."

"It's no use, guys," Kalel stated sadly, "Natalie had a vision and Rachael and Joey aren't going to be any help to us in fighting Idris. In fact, they're going to be fighting us."

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