Chapter two

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Recap: When I got to the house I noticed that the door was closed. 'I thought I left it open?' I asked myself. I went to the door and noticed Killer stayed back and growled at the door. I saw it open slowly and dropped the food...

Killer jumped in front of me and stared at the man in the door. I noticed his clothes and saw that he was dressed like someone from the streets. He looked terrified as he stared at the growling wolf in front of him and I felt sorry for him. I had a strong feeling to trust him. "Killer stop." I said and he moved away. The boy relaxed a little and looked at me again "What are you doing in my house?" I asked stepping a little farther away. I saw sadness flash across his eyes at the small movement before he looked down. "I'm sorry ma'am but my parents kicked me out of the house a few weeks ago an I haven't eaten in a while. I saw your door open and thought maybe the owners moved on short notice and left the door open. I was just looking for a warm place to stay." He said starting to leave. "I'm sorry I will go." He said and I could hear in his voice that he was asking to stay. Killer moved closer to him when he finally stopped growling and sniffed him before picking his leash up and walking into the house. 'I guess I can trust him?' I said to myself. I saw him pick up the meat and he handed it to me before walking down the small driveway. "wait..." I said and he turned to me. "You can stay here until you find a pl-" I was cut off by being lifted in a hug and laughed. "Thank you!" He said gratefully.

About twenty minutes later we were in the kitchen making dinner. I tossed the bigger piece out in the back and let Killer out, leaving the door open a little so he could enter and exit as he pleased. While we cooked we were talking. His name is Seth and he is from town. His parents kicked him out because he didn't have a job to help pay rent so they figured that he should leave and find his own place. What a terrible thing to do to your kid! I also found out that he my age which is pretty cool. He is my first human friend.i usually don't get along with people. Except my brothers only friend James.

Before we started cooking I sent him to shower and got one of my brothers old pants and shirts from his room, placing it on the toilet seat.

Dad came home a few hours later and everything was already cold. I expected him home at 4:30 in the afternoon and now it was almost 11 at night! Me and Seth haven't eaten yet because I wanted to wait. When dad came home we were on the couch watching the newest horror movie. Insidious 2. Killer was laying at our feet and he kept growling at Parker Crane/Josh. He's a good judge of character apparently. When we started watching it we were at different ends of the couch but by the time dad got home, about halfway through it, I was right beside him and he was laughing his ass off at my reaction to Mother Mortis. I practically jumped on him when she slapped the girl. He put his arm over my shoulder an laughed. So when dad walked in I was sleeping on Seth's chest and he was watching a different movie. "What the hell is this?!" I woke up quickly and sat up to see who yelled. Seth stood up quickly and back away from me. I saw my dad and yawned before speaking. "Dad don't be mad. This is Seth I said he could stay with us." I stopped explaining when I heard a light chuckle behind me and turned to glare at Seth to which he started laughing so hard he had to clutch his stomach. I realized I was probably making no sense since I just woke up. My dad started walking over to us and he was glaring at Seth but Killer got in his way. Seth explained the events of the afternoon to my dad quickly and he looked to me to see me nod my head telling him it was the truth. "Well I don't see why my daughter was sleeping on you!" He said raising both arms. I jumped in saying "we were watching a scary movie and I was scared so I moved closer to him. By the end I had fallen asleep." He came over and hugged me and I whispered in his ear "dad can he stay?" I felt him nod before kissing my head and letting me go.

I smiled and started to go into the kitchen. "Where are you going?" They asked at the same time. "I'm hungry." I stated and walked out of sight. I heated up the steaks (I gave Seth mine) and pulled the salad out of the fridge to set it on the table. I saw both of them come in and Seth sat down awkwardly. I chuckled and grabbed some plates and knives,setting them in the middle of the table. "Thirsty?" I asked and they nodded so I god some ice water and filled three cups. After the steak was done I heated some mashed potatoes before sitting down to eat. Killer went out when we started to eat. He didn't eat any of that meat I bought him yet but that's ok. We all started eating and dad saw that I didn't have a steak so he gave me half of his. "Thanks dad." I said with a smile. That was the only conversation during dinner that night. After we ate we all went to bed. Seth took Rogers (my brother) room and I went into mine. I later on the bed with my legs still on the floor. I heard the back door close and paws coming up the three flights of stairs. 'He closed the door?!' I said in my head just as he walked into my room. I am on the top floor because my dad and brother decided if anything happened then my dad would notice and get my brother and they would control it so I didn't have to worry. Killer jumped on my bed and laid with his head on my stomach. I moved a little so I could get up but heard him growl at me lowly so I stayed there.

After Killer fell asleep I moved him off of me and got changed into pyjama pants and a tank top. I went down to Seth's room and knocked lightly before poking my head in to see if he was awake. He smiled when I came in and I saw he was only wearing a pair of my brothers shorts. I should explain the whole brother thing. He was out with some friends about two years ago and they were drinking. He said he could drive but he was too drunk to be aware of anything an I guess he crashed or something. He didn't die then. He was at the hospital for a while before he finally slipped away. I really missed him and seeing Seth wearing his clothes made me feel like Roger was still with us. I jumped when I felt Seth lightly punch my arm and shook my head out of whatever kind of trance I was in. He smirked at me and I looked away. "What?" I asked him and he chuckled. "You were staring at me for like five minutes." I blushed and looked down. "Sorry I was thinking about Roger." He frowned and looked at me. "Was he your boyfriend?" He asked and I fake gaged. "He was my brother!" I said amused. I saw his frown disappear and smiled at him remembering why I went in there. "Wanna go for a walk?" I asked him and he nodded and picked his old shirt up before walking out. "You wearing that?" He asked with an amused grin on his face. "No..." I said and blushed again. 'Not anymore you jerk' I chuckled to myself and noticed he was looking at me. "What?" I asked and he looked away. "So I'm a jerk am I?" He said and walked to the front door. "Wear what you'd like." He said and laughed. I went into my room and woke Killer up. "Killer were going for a walk wanna come?" I said an he jumped up as if he wasn't even sleeping. I laughed and grabbed a sweater, zipping it up and walking out.

We were almost in town when Seth grabbed my hand and entwined our fingers. I smiled and looked up at him (he is a foot taller than me) to see he was looking straight ahead. Killer was running ahead of us until he was out of view and stopping to wait. This has been an interesting day for me. I felt myself being pulled and saw Seth dragging me towards an alley. I started to yell at him to let me go but he covered my mouth and crouched behind some bins. He looked really scared and I heard people shouting about a wolf when Killer ran in and jumped in a bin. I tried to calm myself and realized that Seth was trying to help me. After the footsteps were gone he uncovered my mouth and Killer jumped out of the bin. He sniffed us to make sure we were ok before slowly walking out of the alley and looking for any sign of danger.

Three hours later me and Seth were laying on the couch watching tv when my dad came down to get his coffee before work. It was around five in the morning and we stayed up all night. I was still really confused about what happened earlier. I yawned and tried to get up but Seth's arm was around me and he was sleeping. I sighed an laid back down, closing my eyes to try and sleep.

(A/N: ok so I'm pretty sure this chapter is shorter than the first. Again I'm on my phone and I can't really tell. I'm trying to make them the same lengths or longer but I'm trying to write a lot of chapters before I get bored like I did with the old book and just stop writing it. I'm really liking it so far and I hope you are too :) thanks for reading. Also it's an iPhone and I don't know how to turn auto correct off so it sometimes changes well to we'll and I might not notice it when I go back and edit due to over half my screen being cracked. So sorry for any grammar mistakes in advance)

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