After grabbing a bite I eat at Denny's we went to the penthouse suit where everything was in full effect. All our friends and our friends friends where. It was packed. Everyone was buzzed too. None of us where at all worried about security shutting us down for underage drinking. My friend Kayla owned the hotel complex, well her father really. She always threw crazy parties in the penthouse suit.

I started with a shot of patron with Zuly and ordered a sex on the beach. Those are my favorite drinks! They have a way of just sneaking up on you. And I was determined to not let the fact that Javi was with Amerie at the dance bother me anymore. I was dancing with all the guys just having fun! I heard a familiar voice creep up from behind me and I turned around to see Melo. A big smile formed on my face.

"What are you doing here?!" I yelled. Melo wasn't exactly part of our crowd.

"I have a way with the ladies I guess. No I'm kidding. Your friend Kayla invited me, well forced me here really. You kids sure know how to throw a part. A penthouse suit? That's crazy!" He said.

"Well Kayla does own the place! We parties here all the time! And hey sorry I ran off like that! I'd explain it to you but it's a long story..."

"Naw it's all good ma'. I knew something was up when Amerie asked where'd you went. That girl is all about putting on show. At first I thought she was trying to me jealous but then when you ran off I put all the pieces together. That girl is foul."

I agreed and proceeded to drink up what would be my 6th sex on the beach and really starting to feel it. I was looking for Jason so he could walk me to the room we got. I was really worn out and needed rest, but he was no where in sight. I asked Melo if he could walk me to my room. It seemed like the longest elevator ride.

"So I thought you and Jason weren't hooking up?" Melo asked.

His question threw me off guard.

"Huh? We're not." I responded.

"But you guys have a room together..."

"Yeah. We do this all the time. Sleeping in the same bed as Jason is no big deal. We've known each other since diapers. We'd have sleepover since forever. Well really it was my mom took care of him when his parents went on trips and vice versa when ever my mom got stuck with the overnight shifts. Sharing the same bed is like normal to us" I laughed to off. Why was he being so nosey. Ugh I was too drunk for this.

"I see... Well here's your door."

"Thanks" I proceeded to open the door and saw Jason hooking up with some random chic who was probably in the tenth grade or something. Girls always threw themselves at him.

"Oh my god!" I yelled and closed the door. All you hear was this girl moaning as Jason whaled into her. It kind of always upset that Jason was so experienced and I was not.

"Well I guess you won't be going to bed anytime soon."

"I guess not!" We went back to the elevator and I planned on taking it back to the party. I went to press the button when Melo grabbed me and planted a kiss on my lips. It was so fast it left me in a daze. He reached for another and another until I finally kissed him bAck.

It was so random I guess.

But his kisses were the sweetest. Soon we included tongue. He grabbed my ass harder and pulled me closer to him as the kiss intensified more. He was rough and for some reason I liked it. I wanted more. I could feel his penis growing with excitement as the our gasps for air got heavier and heavier. We made out in the hall way for about a good 20 minutes.

"Let's take this over to my place ma'. I'll have valet get my truck."

I was so mad that he broke this kiss just to treat like one of his jump offs.

"Nah. I'd rather stay right here." And with that I turned back to the pent houses sweet and left him there with all his hopes up for no reasons. I felt bad but no one treats me like a jump off.


Damn that girl is fine and I couldn't get enough of her. Just looking at her was enough to send me over the edge. Them curves, fat booty, fine ass face. Plus she was mad cool. I don't what got into me tho when I kissed her but I was happy as hell I did. That girl is poison to me. I can't believe I blew it tho. I should've just taken her back up to the party instead of insisting we go back to my place. Damn. She's not that type of girl. She's the type you wife up and bring home to meet your parents. She's no Amerie. Now that girl, that girl is a hoe. The first day I met her she was already slobbing on my knob within the first 45 minutes. No class what so ever.

Anyway I knew Jason was in there with some chic Thad's why I agrees to take Cassie back to her hotel room. I wanted to make sure she knew just incase they really did have something going on. When she had no real reaction I knew I had a chance. And that's when I kissed her. It was a fresh of breath air. Her mouth tasted so delicious. I needed, wanted more of her. That's when I pulled her closer. She was warm and she just felt so good need next to me. She was ecstasy.

Not really in a sexual way cause I know she ain't that kind of girl but just to kick it ya know. But my dumb ass couldn't word it together right and I blew it. But that's okay. I know I'm going to make her my girl. Monday can't come fast enough.

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