Orc Failure

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Aloragreenleaf: Take forty-six!

Ready? ACTION!


Orc 1: We should've gotten her in her sleep, you fool! Elves know things the... other p... oh, f...

Alora: *laughs in the other room* -ellowship! Drerog, you forgot your lines again!

Drerog: Stop it, okay? By Orcandus, it's harder than it looks!

Orc 2: Wait, what are we doing?

Aloragreenleaf: CUT! Let's try that again...Take forty-seven! ACTION!

Drerog: We should've gotten McDenethor's instead of Burger Aragorn!

Aloragreenleaf: CUT! Stop, everyone, stop. *rubs temples* Okay, lunch break.

Alora: *walks out of room, confused* But... *pulls out iPod* It's only 9:36...

Aloragreenleaf: *sighs loudly* I need some time...

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