Double trouble

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High school was drawing to a close! It only felt like 5minutes ago when we joined Yr 7! But the last week was one no one would forget..

"Hiyyya!," I screamed when I saw Sarah..

"Hi," she replied sounding gloomy and down..

"What's a matter babe," I asked as I sat down next to her.

"Well! You know how I was going out with Connor!" She explained

Connor was my annoying little brother. He's in the year bellow us but that didn't put sarah off.

"Yeah, must be like the 8 or 9th time..." I laughed, "What's going on.. You can tell me."

"Well he finished me."

"Nothing new there then," I joked on!

"Yeah he said that, Since I was leaving it was for the best.. More like he found a younger, prettier girl!" She said as a tear ran down her cheek...

"Cummon. Hun he's not worth it! You looking forward to tonight," Trying to cheer her up..

"Yeah! Duh.. Just me, you, Tasha and Jessica," she said as she wiped her eyes..

"Yeah.. Connor has Cameron, Taylor and Matty over... Urgh! Well I suppose don't mind Taylor!"

"So what's new with you and Taylor then," she said rolling her eyes.

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