John, it's comeing -MM

What? The baby! -JW

Yes  -MM

Oh God, I'm still out of the city -JW

It's Sherlock now -MM

Sherlock?! What the hell are you doing there? -JW

I was in the morgue Mary says, I don't know what that word is just sounds like hyperventilation to me -MM

Oh God, tell her I'm comeing -JW

Mary says to hurry up -MM

I left out some words -MM

Oh god, I'm on the highway -JW

Mary says to get of the **** highway, her words not mine -MM

Were moving, send me updates -JW

The nurses kicked me out -MM

That's a scream -MM

Child birth must really hurt -MM

Aparently as much as being burned alive -MM

Shut the fuck up -JW

Sorry, I'll stop -MM

Almost there! -JW

*hours later* 

What's happened? -SH

Oh god I'm exausted -MM

It's done, were done -JW

We're done? I was the one giving birth! -MM

I helped! -JW

How? -MM

Moral support! -JW

And that helped so much! -MM

Should I leave? -SH

No, come inand see the baby -MM

Must I? Children are not my area -SH

Now, Sherlock -JW

Comeing -SH

*Later (again)*

Can I come over again? -SH

She's sleeping -MM

Please? -SH

Sherlock, go away -JW

Please can I see her? -SH

Sherlock! We know you love her, go away -MM

It's our child, go away -JW

Tomorrow? -SH

No -JW

Maybe -MM

I like Mary's response -SH

Goodnight Sherlock! -JW

*JW has sighned off*

Tomorrow Sherlock -MM

*MM has sighned off*

Damit, they're going to switch the lock code -SH 

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