Chapter three

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I think you guesed it Kane , he hasn't seen me yet so I walked in a different direction . I got some tropical juice and a, carribean crush bottle.

Phew I was lucky Kane left the shop I payed for the things and left..I was on my fone then I heard a voice close to me say Lashay. I didn't look up ; I knew whos voice that was


He came closer

Kane: long time no see

Me: yeah...

I looked up trying not to look him in the eye cause ill remember us

Kane: wagwarn though babe

Me: nm ,

I walked away but he got the wrong idea coz he

Kane: yeah,, so wat u doing now?

Me: going home.

I could tell by his voice he still.loved me

Kane: but u live all the way in west.

Me: no my mum lives down there

Kane: ohh

Me: any ways I gotta get back to the baby

Kane: raah u moved on mad quick

His voice went a little wonky

Me: you idiot - my little sister ,

Kane: oh sn

Me: yeah lol ,

Kane: well can I come then?

Me: alright , well hurry coz she's by her -self

Kane: no worries I have a car.

We jumped in and then he started playing the songs I loved , the ones we had the best moments in , I really wanted him back...

Kane: so which way?

Me: the way to my dad's old house

Kane: round the corner ?

Me: yeah.

He parked up and I went inside the block opened up the apartment door and went in side my room to check on Lakyra she woke up as soon as I breathed in relief

Shaay- she said with her baby voice she smiled at me I missed her head.

The bell buzzed , and I let him in not long after I felt someone hold me by my waist I relaxed coz I knew it was Kane , only he held me like thiss.

Then I remembered what I said to him on the phone.

He kissed my neck his soft lips on me . I let go.of the side of the crib and the bag . We both walked towards my queen sized bed , he layed down and dragged me softly on him. I couldn't resist. We were lipsing telling eachother how much we missed this , how much we

Missed us. How much we loved each other. I think Lakyra was sleeping coz I can hear her breathing slowly.

I really wanted I let him do the ting . I saw.his 10.1/2 inch dick I got wet...


I knew she wanted me back , I loved her so much I didn't know why she hated me so much doee...


I was in the park wid some white gyal. It was dark and it was the back of the park where no one really went. I must have been fingering the white girl then some gyal walked pass and stared at us whilst walking I didn't know her , well I couldn't see her I looked at her directly in the eye and mouthed ' move y u watching go weh.'

I saw her cry but she was a stranger , well supposed to be.

*End of flashback*

Since that day Lashay hasn't spoke to me then I realised .

The girl - the girl was her. Whilst thinking that I fucked Lashay real hard and nicely coz she deserved I t , I kissed.her almost everywhere and treated her nicely, raah the whole thing really makes sence.. I really loved her , I do more than she ever knows, ill do anything thing to prove it . Even if I have to kill my - selff.

I gave her the best fuck ever I could tell cos she was.gonee. tbh she's really good at fucking her pussy was the best too and she's really peng , so buff and had the body.

I wonder what our babies would look like...

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