Kimberley P.O.V.

It makes a month that I’m here. I went to a check-up at Homes Chapel’s hospital and texted to Justin saying that everything was alright. But the best is that Harry’s parents are amazing. Harry told me they both like me and I was soooooo happy about it. Today, the lads and I are going to meet the 5 Seconds of Summer’ guys. They don’t know I’m coming though, which make it more exciting. Louis, Liam, Zayn and Niall is now waiting for me and Harry to arrive at the airport, so we can all take the plane to Adelaide together. Harry and I quickly hopped out of the car and rushed inside the airport with our suitcases rolling behind us. We spotted the guys and ran their way, the security trying really hard to maintain the girls that started to get crazy when they saw Harry and me running towards the rest of the boys. We the all hurried to go to the gate of our plane, since we were a little late. We all got in and took our seat. I was sat in between of Harry and Louis. I put my headphones and pressed play on my IPod. I slowly drifted to sleep.


“Kim, wake up sweetheart.” I heard Harry say.

I slowly opened my eyes, getting casual with the lighting of the plane. I turned and saw that Louis was still asleep. I asked to the air waitress to bring me a glass of water, and some napkins. She quickly came back with what I asked. Harry was looking at me with a questioning look. I put the napkins in the water and asked Niall (that was sitting in front of me) to record the scene. He grabbed his phone, turn the camera on and I showed the wet napkins. I then slapped it in Louis’ face. He quickly woke up and started to swear. He looked at me with a fierce look. I quickly walked over Harry and ran to the airplane’s bathroom. Louis was close on my heels. I was about to reach the bathroom when he got me. I screamed, waking everybody up in this section of the plane. I moved fast and ran the other way. We ran across the plane for something like 4 minutes before a lady warned us to go back to our seat, and to stop running everywhere. When she turned, Louis imitated her and I burst into laughter. Louis threw me over his shoulder and brought us back to our seats, where the boys were fold in two from laughing too hard. Niall had recorded everything, even the part where we were getting warned. Yeah, me and my stupid ideas. Anyway, we sat and buckled our seatbelt as the sign over our heads asked us to do.

“Good afternoon everybody, we should land in about 5 minutes to Adelaide airport. We are Thursday the 20th September and it is 12:45pm. Hope you enjoyed your flight.” The pilot announced in the speakers.

I sighed. At home, it would normally be midnight right now, I’m just dead, but the sleep in the plane helped me a little. We quickly landed, and we left first the plane. We took back our suitcases and headed outside. The guys had a show tomorrow night. They were starting back their TMH tour. We jumped into a van and all headed to the hotel the guys were staying. The van went in the underground parking. We hopped off the van and grabbed our suitcases in the trunk before heading to our rooms. Liam and Louis were together in the same room, as Harry, Niall and Zayn were in the same one. I had my own room. I put my suitcases down in the hall of my room, and jumped on the bed. I quickly heard people knocking on my door. I ran to the door, and quickly opened it. It was Harry and Zayn.

“We’re going to see the guys, you wanna join?” Zayn asked.

“What guys?” I asked.

“Luke, Michael, Ashton and Calum.” Harry explained.

“Yes!!” I said.

I was about to leave with them when I looked down at myself. I was wearing relax clothes, not clothes to get down in the street and for people to see me in.

“But before, I need to change up into a decent outfit.” I said.

They both sighed and rolled their eyes. I let them in and they sat on my bed playing on their phone as I was trying to choose what to wear. I finally agreed with myself and ran into the bathroom. I quickly changed, but couldn’t attached my necklace. I grabbed my other stuff, and went outside the bathroom. I threw my clothes on my suitcase, and the guys both stood up.

“Harry?” I asked.

“What is it babe?” He asked with a cheeky smile.

“Could you attach my necklace please?” I asked again.

“Sure thing, c’mon, give it to me.” He said.

I handed it to him, and he gently put it around my neck. He whipped my hair off my shoulder and slowly attached my necklace. Harry then leaned and kissed my shoulder, and got up to my jaw line. Zayn cleared his throat, remembering us of his presence. We both tear apart, leaving me there blushing.

“Ok, let’s go.” I said, grabbing my backpack and my phone on our way out.

We got down to the underground parking lot where we met Paul.

“Paul!!” I screamed.

I ran and jumped in his arms.

“Hey Kim.” He said laughing.

I haven’t seen Paul for a while, the guys saw him every day, not me ok, no judgments. He put me back down on my feet and let me and the guys in the van.

“Where are the 5SOS guys?” I asked to Zayn as he sat next to me.

“They are at a rehearsal, they know that Harry and I are coming, but they don’t know you’re even in Australia, so they’re gonna be surprised, I think.” Zayn said.

I nodded, laying my head on Harry’s shoulder, sitting on the other side of me. After about 15 minutes we arrived to a studio. We all got out of the car, and soon enough got protected by the bodyguards. The fans learned about us 3 coming here, and they were going crazy. They were screaming like really loud. I started to stress, because it reminded me too much of the premiere. We quickly made our way inside.

“You ok?” Harry asked, looking worried.

“Yeah, just made me think of the premiere.” I explained.

He nodded and pulled me into a big hug.

“As long as you’re next to me, nothing can happen.” He whispered in my ear.

I pecked his lips and we followed Zayn and Paul. We quickly arrived in the rehearsal room. 

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