The Domino Effect

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I feel like I'm gonna barf! Get me off of this PLANE!

*Tsubasa is asleep and Yu is playing rock paper scissors with Masemune. Gingka is bored out of his mind and Madoka is doing a thingy on her lap top. Misty is worried and Ash is trying to talk to Yu.*

Ash: So, what is a Beyblade?

Yu: *only half invested in the conversation* it's a spinning top of mass distruction with spirits and stuff. 

Ash:... What? That sounds crazy.

Kyoya: Well, it's true.

All: KYOYA?!?! *Tsubasa wakes up*

Tsu: Why are you all yelling?

Natsuki: Relax guys. Kyoya nd Nile have been in the plane longer than you guys.

Nile: She picked us up in Africa. We've been in the back of the plane the whole time listening to you argue and whine.

Gingka: *whines*  We don't whine and argue all the time.

Kyoya: Yes you do.

Gingka: DO NOT! (Gingka...)

Natsuki: Seto how-

Kaiba: KAIBA!

Natsuki: Kaiba, how long until we reach Domino?

Kaiba: We're above it right now.

Natsuki: YAY! I hope Yami got the letter.

(NOTE: These are the characters from the original Yugioh. Don't be suprised if they suddenly slip into a YGOTAS personality. I'll try not to let hat happen!)

Yugi: *Runs to door and opens it* Grandpa! I'm going!

Grandpa: Where are you going?

Yugi: I got a letter three days ago saying I need to meet someone at the airport.

Grandpa: A stranger?

Yugi: Well, Maybe. I think they duel! They were called the Sweetest Duelist (Finally!).

Grandpa: Alright then... are you going alone?

Yugi: Grandpa, stop worrying! Joey, Anzu and Tristan are coming too.

Grandpa: Then you can go. Goodbye Yugi! Have a good time!

Yugi: Bye Grandpa! *Runs out the door and waves* Well, I'm meeting the others at the arcade in five minutes so I have to hurry.


Joey: Where's Yug? He's always early.

Anzu: I don't know. I hope he's okay.

Yugi: *runs in, out of breath* Guys! I'm here!

Tristan: Glad you could make it.

Anzu: We were getting worried.

Yugi: I was late by a minute...

Joey: Well your always early Yug.

Yugi: My grandpa was holding me back okay? Now let's get going before whoever needs us gets ticked.

*At airport*

Marik: Ryou, what are you doing here?

Ryou: I got a letter from a Duelist that said I have to meet them here.

Marik: Strange... so did I...

(this takes place after the tournement arc.)

*Yugi and co. run in*

Yugi: We're here! *stops*

Joey: *Stops* Look Yug! its that Marik creep!

Anzu: Isn't he our friend now?

Yugi: Yeah, and there's Bakura!

Anzu: From school?

Yugi: From school!

(I remember watching the Duelist Kingdom arc and whenever someonw would say "was that Bakura?" someone would ask "From school?")

Ryou: Hello there!

Marik: Did we all get letters?

Yugi: I guess so.

Marik: My sister got one too, but refused to come.

Natsuki: Greetings all! I am- where's Ishizu?

Marik: She didn't want to come.

Natsuki: Well she has to! *Sigh* You know what? I don't care. All the girls I gave letters didn't come.

Tristan: Anzu, didn't you get a letter?

Anzu: No... I just came with you guys.

Natsuki: I don't like her.

Yugi: Who else did you invite?

Natsuki: Mai and Serenity.

Joey: Serenity wanted to come, but she needed a follow up surgery.

Anzu: Nobody knows why Mai does anything.

Duke: *Duke runs in* Guys, I'm here!


Yugi: Oh, the dice guy!

*Justin Timberlake music* *that was a Little Kuribo reference*

Tristan: It's you...

Duke: Where's Serenity?

Joey: Having surgery.

Duke: *Silence*... well I wish her well.

Natsuki: *in a bad mood* Whatever, let's just go.

*Everyone gets on the plane and sees Seto*

Yugi: Seto! Hi!

Kaiba: *sees Joey*  Oh great. You brought the Mutt.

Joey: Oh great, you brought the moneybags.

Natsuki: That's a character from Spyro!

Kaiba: Why would any of us care about that?

Natsuki: Because he's a chubby bear with a monicle! Now everyone sit down! We have a few stops left! Come on Seto!

Kaiba: It's- i'm not even going to bother anymore.

*Take off*


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