Chapter 2

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Debby's P.O.V

 I open the door and look straight in his shiny hazel eyes.. Before i even could say something Niall came and hugged the boys. I decided to walk to the living room.. Suddenly i became very nervous.. What if they hated me... What if they thought i was just a annoying girl? Did i had to act like myself?

"Heyy, Debby was it right? I'm Michael.. " A boy with bright blue hair says. 

"Yeah Debby.. Nice to meet you Michael.." I say while i keep staring at his hair..

"Is there something wrong?" The boy, which name was Michael, asked

"No.. but your hair just looks so amazing!! I once tried to dye my hair blue but it didn't work out very well.." i say while i chuckle thinking back at the enormous mess i made

"I will ring you when i'm gonna dye my hair again okay? "

"Yes Please!! thank you so much!"

"No problem" Michael says while he smiles at me

"Heyy i'm "

"Luke!" i quickly say.

"Exactly!" Luke answers while he smiles

I became beet red and looked at the ground

"Sorry.. i just practised your names, and your name was the only name i kept remembering.."

"Don't mind Honey.. " Luke answers while he gives me a hug.

"Don't need to feel embarrassed.. "

"Thank's Luke.." I say while i smile.

"HEYY DEBBY!" Someone suddenly screams while he hugs me. 

"Heyy!" i say while i hug back. 

"I'm Calum!" He says while he pulled back from the hug. 

"Hey Calum, nice to meet you.."

"Also nice to meet you Deb!"

I smile and want to walk to the boy with the hazel eyes, but when i come closer he walks to the couch and sits down between.. Luke and Calum i guess.. I still don't know his name, but i had to admit he looked really cute..

"Ashton can be a bit shy.. " Niall whispers while he smiles. 

"I'm sure you two will become friends soon"

"I hope so.. " I whisper back while i stare at him.. His brown hair fell in front of his beautiful face while he looks at the ground.. I really wondered what he was thinking... 

Ashton's P.O.V

I feel she is staring at me.. I just look down at the ground and blush.. I never know how to act around girls and now i'm even more confused about her.. She was the best friend of Niall.. what if Niall thought i wanted to flirt with her.. Yeah i had to admit she was pretty, but that isn't a reason to flirt with the best friend of your best friend! Wow.. that sounds weird... Just like this situation.. Hopefully she won't talk to me.. Ugh! why did she had to be a girl! What if she already hates me and tells Niall that i'm acting rude to her.. What if...

"Hey, ash.. is there something wrong?" Calum whispers while he looks a bit worried.. 

"I will tell you later..." I answer while i look up, right into her green sparkling eyes..

Ugh... Why didn't i just stayed home!

Wait a minute.. What is she doing... What is Niall whispering in her ear! No! she's coming into my direction! Shit! What do i have to do!! I don't want to talk to her! 

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