chapter 8

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HEY guys so you are probably wondering if this chapter will tell you about what happen with Lauren ..but its not extremely intensejust bad news ..




"so what do you want to do" beau told me sitting on the kitchen stool.

"I don't knowhow about let's talk about ourselves " I asked him as we move to the lounging room.

"sure you go first" beau said sitting  down beside me.

"okso I play ringuette -" he cut me off .

"what is that is that a cooking thing" he saidbut I had to laugh.

"hahah no its a sport in Canada its like hockey but a little different ." I told him and he nodded in response.

"yeah so I play thatI sing a little and I love long boarding on my pink penny board" I told him feeling like I could be myself with him.

"wow pretty awesomeI have a pink penny board too !" he said laughing.

"ahaha that's chill" I told him willing to continue to tell him more about me.

"tell me more about yourself you are interesting" he told.

cool I feel goodthis is one of the guy friends I always wantedI never had such a good friendI used to look up to beau in his videoswatch it every Sunday for his dares with the boy and twitcam and other stuff ...and now they changed my life by that one day were we saw them at the store.

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