never trust him

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Lili and Vash walked to the food market to pick up few things.There they meet purrisa, and there purrsia for the first time meet Lili. Lili and purrsia smiled at each other. And for the first time in for ever purrsia felt the feeling he had lost with hungry. The feeling was warmth and happyiness. He knew that he needed to get to know her more but that was going to be hard,do to the fact that she was with Vash Zwingli her big brother. later that day vash said" I'll be back in 20 minutes i have to go to the store to get milk." lili said in her little voice "okay." one minute after Vash left Gilbert showed up. KNOCK KNOCK. lili jumped up and ran to the door. The door opened slowly and out came a little voice "H-hello i-is any one there?" Gilbert saw her beautiful emerald green eyes though the crack of the door "hello there is vash in?" the voice came once more "please c-come in he'll be back in just a few minutes and would you like some tea?" the door opened wider and there stood a little girl in a red dress and sandy short blonde hair with her head looking at the floor."if you want me to i will." Gilbert entered the house with a smile. "I'll be back with your tea." Gilbert smiled as lili walked out of the room and once again he felt that warm feeling, rushing through him like adrenalin in his blood. two minutes later lili came out with the tea, but she tripped over her broom and the tea went all over the floor and in Gilbert's reaction he saved her but he saw how he was holding her, he put her back on her feet. "s sorry about?!?" Gilbert smiled and backed away from her to the door but when he turned vash was behind him. "DONT DO IT VASH!!!!" Lili ran between the two and the gun.  the gun was at lili's little head. vash looked at lili, tears rolling down her face, her eyes closed waiting for vash to pull the trigger. 

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