***Flashback***Harry suddenly comes back with my phone in his hands. He looks kind of… Mad? 

“Why haven’t you told me?” He asked as I pulled away from his mom’s embrace.

“Tell you what?” I asked.


"Tell me about your cardiac problem!" He said, looking mad.  "What cardiac problem?" Liam asked looking concern.  "Nothing important." I said grabbing back my phone from Harry's hands.  "What do you mean not important?" Harry asked looking angry by now. "Kim, if you're not taking your medications you can die."  Everybody is now looking at me. Louis, Liam and Zayn suddenly all stood up and ran to my suitcases. They opened them and started to look for my medics. After a few minutes they stopped to look for it, unable to find it. I bended on my knees, and opened a secret compartment. I took out a plastic bag. I turned it, and let fall every single one of the little boxes filled with my medics. There was at least ten. I heard gasps in my back.  "See, I take more medics then someone should normally do, and above all of that, I supposedly had this problem with my heart all my life, and never took medics, so I won't start today." I said to Harry. "But Kim, I don't want to live again what we already had to live a few months ago, and I couldn't handle not seeing you every day." He said."I know, but I hate taking them, so I only take the one that clarified my blood. The only one who really seems necessary." I explained. "So you lied saying that it was for your leg?" Louis asked. I nodded. Nobody was talking anymore; it was a deep silence by now. Harry's mom stood up and came my way. She grabbed my medics, put them back in my suitcase, and zipped the suitcases. She then turned and grabbed my hand before turning to face Harry. "Honey, Kim needs support right now, not pressure. Kim, does it make a while since you know about it?" She asked me, pulling me next to her on the couch. "Well, one or two weeks, but I need to make a check-out in a month." I explained.  She nodded and I got the right of a plenty of looks from everybody.  Harry P.O.V.I was talking with Justin when he asked me to make Kim take her medics. I asked about what sort of medics it was, and he said that it was the one for her cardiac problem, and that if she didn't take it, that it'd be dangerous for her life. I was pissed that Kim didn't told me. I mean I know that she can't tell me everything but still... I have to agree with what mum said though. I need to support Kim, not put pressure on her. I stood up from my spot on the couch and sat next to Kim. I threw my arm around her shoulders, and felt her tense up before appeared a tear on the corner of her eyes. I pulled her onto my lap and she quickly hid her face in the crook of my neck. I rubbed her back as she started to shake a little. Mum stopped my hand and did it by herself. I automatically felt Kim relaxing into my arms as mum started to rub her back. Louis came my way, grabbed Kim from my lap and held her in his arms bridal style. He left the living room leaving all of us behind, confused. We followed him silently as we saw him heading to one of the guest' rooms. I looked through the crack of the door to see Louis sitting on the bed with Kim onto his lap, crying her eyes out.

 "Shhh." Louis was repeating, rubbing Kim's back. 

"I'm so scared Lou." She managed to say through her tears.

"I know Kimey." He said tightening his grip over her small body. She cuddled in his body, soon asleep from her cries. 

Louis P.O.V. 

I saw that Kim was keeping her tears in. She didn't wanted to cry in front of Harry. I stood up and took her from Harry, leaving upstairs to the guest room I habitually take. I sat on the bed, and she immediately started to cry. 

"Shhh." I said rubbing her back. 

"I'm so scared Lou." She managed to say through her tears. 

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