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Once upon a time there lived a beautiful, young princess. Pause. Stop! Rewind.  This story isn’t a fairy tale and I’m not a princess. I’m just an ordinary girl living in a small town dreaming of being swept of her feet by a prince and his white horse. That’s the difference between fantasy and reality; I know I will never find a prince who will lead me up the staircase- well not with elegance anyway only if he was looking for a quickie. Wait let me go back and explain what all this is about because you’re probably currently reading this and thinking what is this nutter going on about. Coming from a town where they class Michelin star food as a McDonalds Big Mac there was never any hope for me. I’ll be honest with you my small town doesn’t have much to be proud of unless you count a record number of pound shops and Greggs as an achievement.  As for me? I’m nothing special either. Nobody knows my name nor am I one of them super popular kids who thinks that drowning a few beers and doing a joint of cocaine makes me so called ‘hard’.  I’m what they tag a floater. That’s how it works at my school, unlike America we don’t have cliques we have tags and there’s a lot.  I used to be the quiet, smart one who had the potential to be beautiful and popular but I never became that instead I fell into being a floater. By the time I reached my final year I only had one true best friend who cared (well at least I think they cared). The rest just talked between lessons but secretly found you annoying- a nuisance. I wouldn’t change who I am for the world though. Anyway I’m getting off track back to what this book/diary/whatever you want to call it is all about. In this you are going to find out the truth about the girl behind the blue door, me. Unless you are ridiculously clever you will never find out my name though, you will only ever remember me as the girl behind the blue door. My name doesn’t matter; I’m not interested in having it everywhere. Let me warn you before you carry on reading that everything in this story about me is real- despite what you think and believe, apart from some names and places. Now you know that let’s begin, shall we…?

Hi everybody, this is my first time writing anything and i would really appreciate if you could leave some commentsd on how i can improve my story.


The Girl Behind The Blue Door.

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