(A/N this is still in third person, but from Liam P.O.V. I did this to understend what happenend to him)

After that Harry saw Liam kissing the blond lad in their  bedroom he ran away and he didn't let Liam explain anything.

Liam didn't know where he went and he was too shocked to follow him.

He felt so stupid. Why did he have to cheat on the love of his life? Maybe because it wasn't really the love of his life, but he realised it in the wrong way. He could have told Harry that he wasn't in love with him anymore, that he loved another boy. But no! He was the most stupid and mean person in this world. He made Harry suffer more and more by doing this.

He was crying on the bed  with his head in his hands while the blond boy was watching him without knowing what he had to do. So Liam realised he had to talk with someone, and that this someone was Zayn.

"Sorry, Niall. I have to go to talk with a friend of mine. Wait me here."

Niall just nodded and Liam gave him a peck on his lips. He got up, exited the house and started to lean towards Zayn's place.

When he got there he knocked on the door to find a crying Zayn opening it.

So he entered and he just hugged his friend.

"Ssh, what happened Zayn?"

At this he started crying even more so he took him bridal style taking him in his bedroom. He put his friend on the bed and cuddled him.

They stayed that way for a lot of time when Zayn finally stopped to cry.

"So, will you tell me what happened Zay?" He asked one more time.

"I .. I.." he stuttered.

"C'mon Zayn, you know you can tell me anything."

"I ... I kissed Harry" he whispered the last part.

Liam couldn't believe at what Zayn just said. But no he wasn't mad, at all. He was just mad with himself. He was too busy cheating on his boyfriend that he didn't even notice that his bestfriend liked Harry.

"Now, please, Liam talk to me! Don't be angry, I didn't mean to. I'm a horrible bestfriend. What bestfriend would go kiss his bestfriend's boyfriend, I know, but please forgive me!" Zayn looked at him with puppy eyes and it was in that moment that he felt like he was the most horrible person on the earth.

"Oh no Zayne, please. I am  the worst bestfriend in the world. I'm so sorry. I was to busy cheating on Harry to notice that you liked him."

"Oh thanks God you are not mad at me! I don't know what I would do if you were." and Zayn hugged him, but when he realised what Liam said pulled immediately away.

"You what?! Oh my God I can't believe you Liam! How did you dare doing something like this. You know, he's been suffering for all this time because you were being distant and he also started to think that you were cheating on him and when he will discover that this is true you will totally break him." Zayn yelled every single word.

Liam lowered his glance "He already knows..."

"How? It's not possible, this afternoon he didn't know anything."

"Well, when he got back home he kinda saw me and Niall half naked kissing in the bedroom..." Liam whispered not trusting his voice at all.

"You are horrible!" He yelled again. Liam didn't know how to reply.

Zayn sighed. "Will you at least tell me who is this Niall?"

So he nodded and started to talk "Yeah, He is a old friend of mine. We met at school and we were best mates. You know, it's thanks to him that I anderstood I like boys, because I really liked him. We also kissed once, but he didn't feel the same way and we were best friends, so we agreed to forget about that. I was really sad, but I decided to move on. One day he told me he had to move away. He came back to his home town in Ireland. At the start we kept in touch, but then I don't why he didn't phone me or text me anymore and I did the same. Two weeks ago we met again, we started to go out together and you know, everything happened."

"And you didn't think for a little bit to tell Harry or o to do not do it at all?" Zayn growled.

"Actually I wanted to but then, I don't know. I didn't want to hurt him because I really loved him and I still love him, only in a different way, but now he will never forgive me. I understand him, but I'm not ready to loose him. I know, I'm awfully selfish!"

Zayn sighed and opened his arms " Ehy, come here." and he pulled Liam into a bear hug.

"You know I can't stay mad at you, Liam! But I'm still disappointed and I feel really bad for Harry."

"You really like him, don't you?" Liam asked with a smile.


"Well, I forgot to tell you something..."


"When Harry saw me and Niall he ran away and I don't know where he went and now I'm little bit worried."

"You sure you don't know where he could be?" Zayn asked.

"There aren't many places where he could go... Mmh ... maybe he could be at his mum's."

"I think I'll go check on him" the black haired boy said as he got up.

"No Zayn, let me go."

"Uhuh I don't think so Lili.I don't think he will want to see you at the moment. Obviously he will not want to see me either, but I think that I'm in a better position than you! So now go back to your Niall and let me go check on my  Harry. " and with that he exited the house living Liam there.

So, what do you think of this? I know it's horrible but I tried my best. As you know this isnot my best period but I forced myself to write something because I didn't want you to wait so long.

So do you still hate Liam?

Do you think Harry will be at his mum's? If he will be there what do you think will happen with Zayn?

So let's get to know each other!

Besides One Direction, what singers or bands do you like?

I like:

Little Mix



Luke Friend

Demi Lovato

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Just it LOL

well let me know what you think!

Love gou so much!!

-Ale ♡

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