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Julias POV

I get up from my bed and stretch and go to the bathroom and brush my teeth and hair.

I then see guys sitting in the living room they decided to stay with me to figure out if I am going to remember anything they say that they do live here with me.

Then I hear what sounds like to be bandana man's phone, he kinda gets tired of me saying that cause he knows that by now I know his name.

Anyways he puts down the phone and says that we have to go back to the hostipal they want to check and see how my amnesia is doing.

Jacky, and Derek decided to take me while Ron and Ryan stayed at the house.

After about 15 mins we finally get to the hostipal, and get checked in I hear a nurse say

Julia Marcella

I got up from the uncomfortable hospital chair and followed the nurse with Derek and Jacky right behind me she looked about 5'6'' she had blonde hair that barely came past her shoulders.

Then I was directed to a room and told to lay on the bed and that the doctor would be here shortly.

After probably a minute or so the doctor came and said that they need to check my amnesia just to make sure that I am not losing anymore memory, even know it is a rare case but it has happened before.

After doing all the tests he walked out of the room to get the results.

Both Derek and Jacky were extremely quiet they haven't said a single word since we left the house.

The little time that I have meet them or re meet them they don't ever really seem to shut up.

The doctor walked back into the room with the results, he said

Well.. um it seems like she has lost at least another year of her memory.

We may of miscalculated how much she remembers so anything that has happened in the past 2 years she wont remember.

We thought we calculated correctly but it seems not.

She may not even remember a few things from her childhood.

After we leave the hospital we go straight to the Jail to see Ronnie its been a few days since I have seen him...

I like seeing him.

When we got there we waited patiently for Ronnie to come out of the doors but something still haunts me how did he get here?

I then see Ronnie come out of the big wooden doors, with a smile on his face, he was happy to see me.

I was happy to see him.

I then hear Jacky tell him that I have lost more memory then they first caculated and also told him they be some childhood things I dont remember.

Ronnies face went from happy to complete sorrow in less than 5 seconds.

I felt bad so I went up to him and hugged him, this is the first time I have hugged anybody since the incident this made him smile.

He kissed my forehead and told me that he loved me, and that was when I let go of the embrace and looked at him and then he said

I am not expecting a I love you back but I want you to know that I do and always will.

This made my face turn a bright red.

Then I said

One thing I know for sure is that I do feel a attraction towards you.

He laughed

Of course you do.

The next day

Its about 8 in the evening me and Ron just home from one and one time with each other to you know jog something, but of course it didnt work.

One thing I have been wondering is ok I am 16 almost 17, I am living with 4 guys...

I am pretty sure Ronnie lived her at some point because I see alot of his stuff here.

The guys told me it was his.

Where is my family?

Don't I have any friends my age?

I then went to the living room not bothering to fix myself up or anything and asked them

Um... there is been something that I have been wondering I am 16 almost 17 and living with you guys and used to Ronnie...

Wheres my family? how did I end up here? Do I have a job?

Ryan was the one that decided to answer my question

Well yeah you live with us because you are our..maid. We don't really know about you family you never talked about them.

How did I end up here?

Well that's actually a pretty intresting story actually.

I am going to save that for Ronnie when he decides to tell you.. better him it explain it since he was actually a big role in it.

Fine be like that

I spat

Well I had a tiring day, I am going to bed night guys.

I laid down and turned on my I pod and started listening to Clubbed To Death by Blood On The Dance Floor, and I quickly fell asleep

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