she's not worthy {chapter 3}

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{y/n} POV

Math class now, please not. I walked through the school corridor trying to ignore all this bitches around me. They are annoying me so much. Do they think they are beyoncé or what. I'm thankful that I have at least one friend who isn't like the others, her name is Amanda, she's my best friend and she's already waiting for me at my locker.

"AMANDAAAA" I screamed, ran to her and hugged her, "i missed you so much"

"{y/n} i've missed you too oh my god" she awnsered me happily "but we need to hurry up because Mr. Smith is probably in a bad mood like always"

"Go ahead! I need a minute to pack my stuff!"

"But hurry up, I'm not going to defend you" she laughed

I laughed too and opened my locker.

"AHHHH" I screamed, all my books fell out of the locker.

I started cursing. A group of girls started laughing. One of the girls came to me and started talking

"Do you need any help?" She asked me in a provocative sound and laughed

I just said nothing. I was out of my rage. I was so close to offend her.

"Are you gonna say something, bitch?" She added

I raised my hand, I almost hit her in her ugly bitch face. At the least second someone hold my hand and whispered in my ear "Don't. She's not worthy!"

I wondered who the guy with the cute voice was and turned around. I didn't know him but I saw him before.

"Who are you?" I asked him in a sightly annoyed sound.

"I am Justin" he awnsered me and he sounded so cute, as soon as he said that he already started to pick up my books.

"Don't" I told him

"What don't?" He was confused

"Stop picking up my books, you don't have to do that"

"It's okay. I like doing it for you" he awnsered and gave me the books, he touched my hand while that. His hands were so softly and warm.

He was so cute, he smiled but he didn't look into my eyes.

"You guys are so cute" the bitch added and ruined te cute situation

Justin put his hand away from mine

"Shut up!" I screamed to her and went away without saying a word. After I walked a few steps I turned around. Justin was still looking at me with a smile on his face. He waved his hand and whispered "bye" I couldn't hear it but I've read his lips. I just smiled back and turned around in direction to my class room.

I'm sitting in class now, math class. It's so boring, when will i ever need this? I was in my own thoughts and I haven't payed any attention to the teacher. I forgot about Justin because there was something else. Jason. I thought about him the whole time, how beautiful he was and his perfect smile and yeah, I even thought about his 5 moles, crazy!

"{y/n} can you solve the equation?"

And omg, I wanna touch his hairs, they looked so fluffy and his arms tough! The different tattoos like a Owl, a pretty girl with black hairs and believe was tattowed on his arm too.


Someone shaked me.

"Sorry for interrupting your beautiful thoughts but you just got a question from the teacher" it was amanda...

I replied her shocked and loudly "WHAT do you want"

"Pay attention to the instruction and solve the equation now" the teacher told me angrily


"PRAISE THE LORD" i screamed and ran out of the class.

{hope you liked this chapter, next part comes very soon. And I'm always thankful for coments. Would be nice if you could tell me what I need to fix}

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