Chapter one

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Today I went for my daily walk in the woods behind my house and I tripped on a large branch laying across the path. I lay sprawled on the ground for who knows how long when I heard a slight growl. I looked up to see a wolf staring down at me and I wondered why it was growling at me. I didn't do anything! Did I? I just stared at in in fear when I realized it wasn't looking at me, but behind me. I glanced over and followed the wolfs yellow glare to see a man staring at me with a lust filled gaze. I moved slightly closer to the wolf in hopes that it would protect me. The small grey wolf stepped over me and stood in a protective stance in front of me, still glaring at the man. He raised his arms in a surrendering position and backed up until his back hit a tree. I took this time to speak to him knowing if he tried anything he would be attacked by this strange wolf.

"Who are you?" I asked in a quiet voice. He raised an eyebrow as if knowing I feared him and glanced at the wolf before putting his hands down and taking a step forward. The wolf stepped closer to him and growled a warning. "I'm Jake. I heard a branch snap and something, well someone, fall and came to see who." He stated simply. I looked at him in confusion and saw he had a smirk on his face. I have walked these woods a million times in my life and not once have I seen another person in them.

"How did you hear me? You must have been close? I've never seen anyone in these woods before. Why are you here?" I said standing up and staying close to the wolf. It glanced at me and nodded its small head before stepping out of the way. I crossed my arms over my chest and raised an eyebrow at him, waiting. When he didn't offer up any information I started walking back towards my house. I felt him grab my arm trying to pull me back before he yelled "Ahhhh! Get this crazy wolf off me!" I turned to look at him to see that his leg was being held in the wolfs jaws. I laughed and continued walking. 'What was up with that guy?' I thought to myself as I got to the clearing behind my house. I was just about to go inside when I caught a glimpse of something grey run past me into the house. I walked in and looked around to see the small wolf laying on my carpet licking his paw. "What happened buddy?" I asked walking towards him to hear him whining. I looked and saw that he had a gash on his leg. It was bleeding really bad so I ran to the kitchen and got some cloths. Walking slowly back to the wounded animal so he didn't attack me I placed the cloths around his leg and felt him lick my hand. I smiled "So do I have a new pet?" I asked him. He just looked at me before putting his head down. It wasn't long before I heard a light snoring coming from him. I chuckled to myself before calling my dad.

"Dad guess what happened today." I said as soon as he answered the phone. I heard him take a breath in and let it out slowly before answering. "What happened sweetie?" He asked me and I sighed, an amused smile on my face at annoying him. "Dad you're supposed to guess." I stated and laughed quietly when I heard his frustrated words. "Ok. You went out and made some new friends?" He asked. He has been telling me to go make new friends a lot lately but I like being in the woods more. I feel calm when I'm there and I love nature. "No. I went for a walk in th-" he cut me off. "You didn't go into those damned woods again, did you?!" He yelled into the phone making me pull it away from my ear. When I couldn't hear him yelling anymore I put it back to hear him whispering something about someone breaking out of jail. I put a hand to my mouth and dropped the phone. It shattered on the floor and the wolf got up and walked towards me. I ran out the front door and left it open for him. We ran the three and a half miles to town and when we got there I saw a bunch of people looking at me weird. I looked at the wolf walking right beside me and smiled.

I went into my dad's office with him and he sat near the door. My dad looked up and didn't seem to notice the wolf. "Honey what are you doing here? How did you get here?" He asked me. I was shaking uncontrollably. "Dad when I was in the forest behind the house I tripped over a branch and there was a man there. He kept staring at me and he was really creepy. His name was Jake and when I went to leave he grabbed my arm. I think he could be the guy that you were talking about on the phone!" I was yelling now and tears were streaming down my face. He came over to hug me but the wolf stepped between us and growled at him. My dad stepped back and looked between me and the wolf. "What's that thing doing in my office?" He whispered to me. I look at the wolf and crouched beside him, my face still wet with tears. "Dad if he hadn't found me before Jake I wouldn't be here right now.... He saved me." I said and pet the wolfs back. He licked my face and I smiled. My dad looked shocked that I was able to tame a wild animal. "Can we keep him?" I asked my dad. He started to talk but I cut him off. "It would be good. I mean I am always home alone so he could be like my guard." My dad smiled sadly and looked at the wolf who was now lying on the ground at my feet. He started to speak again but my mind was in the clouds. 'I need to name him. Hmm what about Ralph? No to human. What about Killer? I like that!' "...but I don't think we should keep a wild animal as a- are you listening to me?" He looked at me and I shook my head. "Sorry dad I was thinking. What were you saying?" I looked at him and moved to sit on the floor. "I was saying we can't have a wild animal as a pet. It's too dangerous." He said looking back at it. I was shocked. I could have died today if it weren't for Killer. "Dad he's not wild! Does he look it to you?! He followed me here from the house and look at his paw. He attacked Jake and was hurt so I could be safe. I'm home alone all the time and I'm 17! I should be able to have a pet!" I argued with him for a few hours before he finally gave in. I smiled and started to leave but he stopped me. "But he isn't aloud on the furniture and if you're going to keep him you need to get him a leash and collar." He handed me twenty bucks and said to go buy some stuff for him and killer. I smiled and went.

Two hours later I was in the pet store with Killer. He was sniffing the leashes and would look at me if he liked something. He nudged a leash that was almost all silver chain except the handle. He picked his collar too. A black collar with spikes. 'Man this wolf is smart. Soon he's gonna be eating dinner with us and using forks and knives.' I chuckled at my lame joke and went to pay for the things when the cashier saw Killer and looked at me weird. "What? Never seen a wolf before?" I asked him and slapped the money down on the counter before walking out. I put the collar and leash on him but desired not to use the leash since he wasn't really leaving my side anyway. We walked towards the butcher shop and I told Killer to stay outside. He say by the door and looked through the glass, watching me. I went up to the butcher and asked for a few steaks and a big piece of meat that he won't be selling. He have me a weird look and went to get the stuff. While he was gone I was thinking. 'he doesn't look much older than me and he's pretty cute. Maybe he might ask me out sometime. I gotta come to town more.' "..miss? Hello?" He shook my arm a little to roughly and I heard Killer growling and clawing at the window. I looked at him and saw him staring at Killer. "Uhm... Sorry I was thinking.. How much?" He gave me the price and shook his head slowly. I paid him and just as I was about to leave he called me back. "ya?" I asked when I got to him. He kept glancing at Killer who was staring at him. "Oh that's my..uh... Dog.." I said not wanting to freak him out about having a wolf as a pet. "Looks more like a wolf to me. Is he yours?" He asked me with a raised eyebrow. "Yes. He found me today and helped me with something. Dad said I could keep him." I said with a smile before saying bye. He was pretty shocked that I had a pet wolf. I smirked when I remembered his expression. I walked out and past Killer and he ran up to me whimpering. I stopped and sat beside him and he sniffles my arm. "What's wrong buddy?" I asked in concern. He made a light sound and looked at my empty hands. Just as I realized what he was telling me the butcher walked out with Killers leash and the meat I asked for. "Hey!" He called. I walked over to him and took the stuff. "Thanks." I said and he nodded before walking back inside. I saw Killer watching him and smiled. Man it's gonna be tough having a wolf as a pet.

When I got to the house I noticed that the door was closed. 'I thought I left it open?' I asked myself. I went to the door and noticed Killer stayed back and growled at the door. I saw it open slowly and dropped the food...

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