2. It was all just a dream

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Alec POV

I open my eyes and look around disoriented. I'm laying on a madress on the floor. I look around more, and realize that I'm in a cage in the pack's clinic. I just can't understand why. Why am I suddenlt in a cage? I shouldn't be that unless...

I look down at myself. As I thought, I'm in my wolf form. But why? I was just in a bed in human form. What has happened?

A door opens and mom walks in. She beams at me when her eyes falls on me. "Oh honey, you're awake! Finally, we were so worried about you, you wouldn't wake up."

I tilt my head to the side. What is she talking about.

"You came to the house all bloody, and you fainted in your wolf form before we could find out what happened."

What's she talking about? I told them I got hit by a car. I even woke up later with them by my side. So why does she say that this is the first time I woke up?

"You seems confused," mom says and sit down infront of my cage. "I will have someone explain to you later, in wolf form. You can't go back to human for a while."

My head bolt up by her words. What does she mean I can't go back?

"I know honey, and I'm sorry. But the doctor said it might be dangerous and hurt your body furter. Until you're fully healed you will have to stay as a wolf. I'm sorry."

She knows how much I don't like being as a wolf for too long. Everyone stares at me because of my pure white colour. Not to talk about my size. With my size, I can easily be taken for a wolf-looking dog. I'm small. Really small. Usually, us werewolfs are really big. But not me. And you know what? I hate that. Even as a human I'm small. I'm not tall, and I'm pretty skinny.

"Rest now honey" mom says and stands up. "Someone will come soon." With thoose words she walks out of the room, leaving me alone in the cage.

I curl up in a ball, trying to go to sleep. This is just too much.


When I wake up, some people is standing outside the cage. Mom, dad in his wolf form, the pack doctor, the alpha and the beta.

"What happened?" dad asks right away. "You came back here all bloody and wounded.We couldn't get you to turn in time to tell us what happened."

"Well, I ... I'm a bit confused right now. I thought I told you, that's what I remember. Then I woke up in one of he clinic's beds. And the next time I woke up I was in the cage."

"What do you remember before that?"

"It was my birthday, then I ran in the forest and suddenly was at a big road and got hit by a car."

"Why were you running?" dad asks.

What should I tell them? If I say it was because I found my mate they will want to know who, and I just can't tell them. I can't handle if they hates me.

"Does it has something to do with your mate?" mom asks me and I jerk me head up. Not because she knew what we were talking about, she's dads mate so of course he shared it with her through their link. But because of her mention my mate. Does she know I found him?

"It's okay honey, it's usual to not find them right away. She doesn't has to be in this pack. She can be from another pack or even a human. But you will find her eventually."

I put my head on my paws feeling defeated and sad. I'm relived that she doesn't know about my mate, but I'm sad that she just assumes that my mate's a girl. I already knew that I'm gay, I've never really been atracted to a girl, and mom is the only one I've told. And still, she thinks I will get a female mate, she always has.

This sucks, really. I can't go back to human, and everyone thinks my mate is a girl so I can't tell them about Damien. And especially, I can't tell him. I will have to watch him every day and not have him, knowing what closness I could have to someone if my mate was a girl and I could just tell them.

But secretly I'm acctually happy that Damien is my mate. He's a wonderful person, and I wouldn't want a girl as a mate.


So, Never ever give up hoping became a longer story. What do you think of it? Did you expect this to happened?

As with all of my other stories, I don't know when I will update. I'm kind of bad at doing that often. I blame it on my writers block.

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