Kimberley P.O.V.

I grabbed most of the things left on the table, and dropped them on the counter in the kitchen. Anne was starting the dishes.

“Harry and I will do it, its fine.” I said.

“Thank you sweetheart, you sure?” She asked.

“Yes, you’re letting me stay; I should at least do that.” I said.

“Thanks.” She said before walking away.

I slipped my head in the doorframe of the dining room, and looked at Harry sitting in the kitchen.

“Harry, baby, would you come help me with the dishes?” I asked.

“Sure.” He said, standing up all smile.

“Harry, baby, would you take me in your arms.” Louis said mocking my voice.

I threw him a towel I found.

“What about you come to help?” I asked Louis.

Louis rolled his eyes but came to help, followed by Liam and Zayn.


We finished the dishes after something like an hour. There was only a few things to wash, but Louis never stopped throwing me water in the face. Then, Louis, Liam, Zayn and Harry started to slap me on the butt with their towels. When we’ve been done, it was about 3pm. We all went in the living room and we sat on the free couch. Anne and Robin were sat on the love seat. I was about to go sit with Harry, but got pulled by Louis. He grabbed me and sat me on his lap. I tried to get away, but he tightened his grip on me. I gave up and relaxed in his arms. I saw that Harry was looking jealous. Louis saw it too, and kissed my cheek. I hurried to try to stand up, but I got pulled back on Louis’s lap by Liam and Louis. My phone suddenly went off. Louis let go of me and I reached for my phone. I hurried to answer as it was ringing for the last time, not taking the time to take a look at the caller’s ID.

“Hello?” I asked.

“Hey Kim, it’s Justin.”

“Why are you calling?” I asked with a sigh.

“I wanted to know if you brought your medics.” He said.

“I do have my medics, why?” I asked, realizing that everybody was now looking at me with concerned looks.

“Have you taken them?” He asked.

“No, I hate to take them and you know it.” I said, standing up to leave the room.

“Well take them right now!” Justin said trough the phone, sounding angry by now.

“No, I won’t die of not taking them.” I whispered-screamed into the phone.

“Yes you could.” He screamed really loudly on the phone.“Look, could you hand me Harry for a sec.?” He asked.

“Sure.” I said sighing. I headed back to the living room, and handed my phone to Harry.

“There, Justin wants to talk to you.” I said.

He stood up, grabbed my phone and left the room. I sat back on the couch next to Zayn as he put his arm around me.

“What was it about?” Liam asked.

“Justin was angry because I didn’t take my medications.” I explained.

“What is it for?” Louis asked.

“For my blood. Last week, I did a check-out for my leg and they made an X-ray picture of my entire body, and they realized that blood had difficulties to circulate into my leg, so they gave me those pills to clarify my blood and to allow it to circulate more easily.” I explained   

“What happened to your leg?” Harry’s mum asked.

*********** (FLASHBACK)

I’m walking out of the limo right after Justin. Peoples are screaming for our attention. Suddenly, a different kind of screams filled my ears. I look around to see what it is. I suddenly hear a gunshot, and automatically felt a hard pain in my right leg. I’m feeling myself fall, but someone grabs me before I do.

“KIM!” I hear someone screaming.

I’m trying to answer, but quickly, all I see is black, a big bunch of black… Then, nothing, everything’s black, everything is done, it’s the end.

************ (END OF FLASHBACK)

“Kim? Are you okay?” Zayn asked, waving his hands in front of my eyes.

“Yeah, sorry.” I said whipping my eyes.

“Flashback?” Liam asked.

I nodded.

“Yeah, so the answer of you question.” I said. “I got shot during a movie premiere.” I explained to Harry’s mom.

I pulled up my skirt and showed her the scar on my leg.

“Oh my god, poor little baby, I knew about one of Harry’s friends being shot, but I didn’t knew this someone was you.” She said, standing up to pull me into a hug.

Harry suddenly comes back with my phone in his hands. He looked kind of… Mad?

“Why haven’t you told me?” He asked as I pulled away from his mom’s embrace.

“Tell you what?” I asked.

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