{chapter one// who are you?}

I heard the screech of tires and blares of sirens before everything went black.


"Babe?" I was too lazy to open my eyes to see who the voice was coming from. Now that I think about it though, I don't know anyone. Why is someone calling me babe? Im so confused. What's my name? Where am I?
I jolted up in a bed, a hospital bed. Why am I in a hospital? Why are there so many unanswered questions?
"Who- What- Where am I?" I asked breathing heavily while trying to pull of the tubes inserted in my arms.
"I wouldn't do that." said a boy with colorful hair who was sitting in the chair by another boy with brown short hair. Why is there four boys in my room? Do I have family? If so where are they?
"Who are you?" I asked the colorful haired boy.
"You don't know me?" the boy asked and looked pained like what I said hurt his feelings.
"Lads, the doctor said she wasn't going to remember us. Or anything." the one standing closest to the door said. He had almost brownish- black hair and was tall and lean.
"You're in the hospital Bec." said the blonde one. He was standing right next to me with his hand gripping the bed. His eyes were blue but had red around them, like he had been crying.
"Bec?" I asked.
"That's your name."
"Or Becca, Rebbeca." added the one with brown short hair.
"Why am I in the hospital?"
The blonde one looked around at the other four boys like he was mentally asking them if he should tell me what happened to me after awhile he answered with, "You were in a car accident."
"It was a collision."
"What happened to the other driver?"
"He died. He was drunk driving. He hit you."
"Wait.. ok. So I took a life, I don't know who any of you are, I'm mentally injured, and I can't remember my life."
"Basically." Said the dark haired one.
"Before I learn anything else, what are your names?" I asked beginning to become annoyed by not knowing who they were.
"Michael." Said the colorful one.
"Ashton." Said the brown haired one.
"Calum." Said the dark haired one.
The last one took longer to say his name, he seemed shocked that it was mentally impossible for me to know who he was, "Luke."
"Okay, so where is my family?"
"Becca, your family-" Luke cut Calum off before he could say anymore.
"The doctor said we shouldn't tell her yet, he doesn't know if she is stable." Luke whispered to Calum thinking I couldn't hear.
"I want to know what happened to my family." I demanded, I'm not sure if I should care what happened to these strangers. But they are family and I once knew who they are so I think I should care.
"Fuck the doctor." Michael said, "Bec, your brother. He, he was killed in the crash. I'm sorry. Your mum and dad are in critical condition. The nurse says she doesn't know if they will make it. You're lucky to be alive."

After about five minutes of shock and silence my eyes started forming tears and eventually I was a sobbing wreck. I'm not sure why I am crying, but I am. I don't even remember what my family looks like why should I care? I do though, something deep down inside me tells me I do care and that I had a close connection with my family. The tears don't stop for awhile and Luke crawls into the bed and pulls me into a tight hug and I don't stop him. I'm so confused.
"I want to see them."
"Who?" Luke almost whispered.
"My mother, my father."
"You can't. The doctor said you have to stay in bed. You can't move for the next three weeks."
"What if by then they are dead? I have to see them now." I say while trying to rip out the tubes in my arm again and pulling the tubes running into my nose. Luke try's to constrain me and when he can't Michael calls for the nurse.
"It's for your own good." I hear Michaels voice before the nurse sticks a shot in me making me go unconscious.

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