Entry 3

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Okay, spring break is upon me, and without school, nothing ever happens.

Sure, my grandma gets me a Wii U, yeah, I get five games to go with it, but people! Life as I know it is over!


Without school, and fangirling with my friends, I have the most boring life you can possibly imagine.

I literally spend most of my free days, on wattpad or doing chores. The second opportunity is required. No choice.

I need to fangirl! Where is Lilly when I need her? Where is everybody?

Gone, vacationing with family, Bacon is in Canada more than likely eating bacon, Banana is probably hanging out at the library with Malayzia, and Llama is probably in Florida or something, these are just guesses. Except Bacon, she's in Canada.

I am officially ended.

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