Chapter 15

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***at David's house****

Paige P.O.V

When we got to David's house James was not there.

"He not here yes"

"Stop why we here"

"It's my house u been here u can say it's your house"

"I mean why and I not at my house like where my mom and Kate at"

"I want you here"

"I have to buy food"

"We can go now"

"First let's go meet my mom"

"Ok" we drove to my house which is 1 min away I walked in with David

"Hi mom this is David if u Remember him"


"He is now my boyfriend"

"So that's where u been"

"Ya and it have not effected my grades just wanted you to meet him"

"Hi I'm David"

"Hi I'm Clara" "Paige he's hot" my mom said saying like he can't hear her

"Thanks" I thought he knows what thanks is

"Paige I'll be working in the morning now so u don't have to watch Kate".

"Ok" Kate came hugging David I flipped my hair back she did too

"Hey Kate"

"Hey David" I went up stairs to grab money when I came back down stairs David was looking at my baby pictures my face turned red

"My we have to go" I said

"We do" David said like he was just having fun

"Ya we do"

"Ok bye Clara and Kate the beautiful"

"Bye David" Kate said blushing

"Bye you kids have fun"

"Bye Kate bye mom" I said closing the door. When we got in the car David said

"You look so"

"Shh David" i said cutting him off

"I'm sorry"

"Don't speak of it" I said which made him laugh his laugh was super rare"

"So I'll get u bras and under where shirts and shirts"

"Where shopping for me or food"


"Ok than let's do food first"

"Ok"we got 3 bags of chips lays,red Doritos, and nachos with dip 2 big packs of Gatorade and big bag of starburst than we went to get bras,under where,t-shirts and my own tooth brush we also go house outfits and stuff and we payed well David payed I just was there and I tryed to help put the stuff in the car but he didn't let me so I just sat in the car tell he was done than we drove back home in complete silence. This time Jason was here and David let me help him put the clothes and stuff inside

"On the way to the beach we can stop and get publics chicken"

"It's you time do u have a cooler for the drinks"

"Ya nice thinking but now we need ice too"

"Tell one of the guys to buy ice"


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