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Im into her now more

Than I'll ever be

more than I ever have

but she the type of

person  to leave you

she the type of

person that if she hears

something wrong

she forgets

she the type that loves

you deeply but

don't wanna show it

cause she to afraid.

To afraid to show who she

is cause if she do

people will start

talking shit.

Maybe she the type to be confused

not knowing

what she wants yet.

she just keeps running

but soon she'll run out of breath.

she'll have to settle

where ever the

road leads

but instead of running forward

she'll want to run back.

she'll run back to who

she was before.

Before she had doubts.

Before she had benefits.

Before she was confused.

Before she had to start running.

Before where she was still getting tucked in at night, lying in her bed,thoughtlessly, eager to wake up at sunrise to see friends and only friends.

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