I love you

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Chapter one

You and your friend Katie are going to a One Direction concert and you guys have backstage tickets. The concert is this upcoming weekend. " Katie I'm coming to pick you up in a hour for the plane." You said. you knock on Katie's door to her flat. She opens the door and she has a least two suitcases and a carry on bag and her huge purse. "Are you ready?" I said. "yes I am!" said Katie. As you guys fly to London for the concert all you talk about is how Katie wants to meet Harry and I want to meet Niall. As we get there we go to our hotel and start getting ready for tonight. I am wearing a crop top with mini shorts and sandals. Katie is wearing a strapless crop top with mini shorts and sandals. You both get to the concert and go back stage. There they are the One Direction band. We walk in and I'm staring at Niall and I'm all like "Hi I'm Kaitlyn and this is my best friend Katie!" I said. Niall looks into my eyes and I look into his eyes. Niall comes over to me and whispers into my ear " I like you come to my dressing room after the concert." said Niall. They walk off onto the stage. This night was going to be great I know it would be. After the concert I go into Niall's dressing room. There he comes in and is like " when I saw you I knew I couldn't let you walk off without you being mine!" said Niall. I blushed and I couldn't say anything. " I would love to take you out to dinner and a movie if you would like to my love?" said Niall. "I would love to Niall!" I said. He gives me his number and I give him mine and right away he texts me and it said
" When I saw you I knew you would be my girl." Katie and Harry also hit it off. It has been a few months now that Niall and I have been dating. I am 16 and Niall is 20. My parents don't know that I'm dating a 20 year old and if they did I would be in so much trouble. Tonight I am going out with Niall and I hope that something will happen. " Hey babe I'm here." As Niall walks into my flat.
"Okay babe I'll be right out!" I said. I was wearing a tight black mini dress with red heels and my hair is all curly. As I walked out of my room I saw Niall just looking my up and down " Babe you look absolutely beautiful!" " Thanks babe are we ready to go?" I said. "Yes I have a awesome night for us planned out." As you walk out of your flat his hand is wrapped around your back he opens his white range rover door for you to get in. Once we get there we order our food and drinks. I felt like this was going to be the night I loose my virginity. "I can't wait for tonight babe!" he said " Babe I need to tell you something!" I said. " What is it babe you know you can tell me anything!" he said. "I am still a virgin and I want to loose it with you tonight!" I said with a scared look on my face as to how he was going to react. " I want you to not rush your only 16 babe, but if your ready I am to. I love you Kaitlyn!" he said so sweetly. " I am ready and I love you to Niall!" I said. When we finished it was super late he took me back to my flat. As we got out he walked me up to the door and kissed me as if he forgot that I wanted to have sex with him tonight. I kissed him back he picked me up I wrapped my legs around him. He carried me to my room we were still making out. We stopped kissing he asked me to strip for him and I did as he told me to. I slipped off my heels and then slipped off my black dress. I was only in my red lace thong and my black lace bra. I walked over to him and he took off my bra and he started staring and my size 36 C boobs he then slipped my thong off and started to finger me with 3 fingers. "OH BABE IT HURTS! OHHHH!" I screamed! " It's going to hurt a little!" Niall said. He stopped fingering me. I saw a big bulge in his pants. He took off his clothes and I started to suck on his dick so very lightly then went harder in his 9 inch dick sucking harder and faster! " OH BABE YOUR SO GOOD YOU ARE SO GOOD!" He moaned! He cummed right into my mouth and I swallowed it! He pushed me and said " spread your legs open as wide as you can!" he demanded! I did as I was told! He started to suck my pussy and I felt this great pleasure! He put his tongue right in! " OH BABE HARDER HARDER!" I demanded! He stopped sucking and slid in his dick into my opening and thrusted harder and faster! "OHHH BABE IT HURTS SOO BAD! UHHHH UHHHH UHHHH! I screamed! H e wasn't wearing a condom so it felt better! He was cumming a lot inside of me. I started to cum and that's when he stopped. We fell asleep on my bed. That was the best night of my life!

Chapter Two

That next morning I could hardly walk I was in so much pain! my vagina felt like it was on fire! "Good morning babe! how are you feeling?" he said sweetly. " I'm hurting so bad!" I said tearing up! " Oh babe I'm so sorry! did I go to hard last night?" He said. " I think a little bit to hard but it felt super good and I'm glad it was with you!" I said. " Let me make you some breakfast." he said. Thank you so much babe" I said. He bent down and kissed me on the lips. It was like 30 minutes later and he brought me some bacon, eggs, and some orange juice. "Oh babe thank you so much. It looks so good." I said. "You are so welcome babe!" he said. He then sat next to me. "Later on today Katie and Harry want us to come over to there place." I said. "Okay only if you are feeling better!" he said in a sweet voice. It has been about 3 hours later and we both got ready to go over to Katie's flat. We knocked on there door. "Hey guys come on in!" said Harry. "Katie come on out babe." Harry said. I have not seen Katie for about 2 months because her and Harry have been on vacation. " Hey guys come on in and sit down." Katie said. "Omg Katie your showing!" I said! " Yeah that's why we wanted you guys to come over I'm pregnant!" She said! "Wow Harry your having a child!!" Niall said! "Hey Katie can I talk to you in private?" I asked Katie " Yes, let's go over in the bedroom." she said. " so last night Niall and I had sex for the first time and he didn't have a condom on and I'm kinda scared!" I said quietly. "Oh my god really wow!

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