Chapter. 5

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Ahalieia P.O.V

I slid on my panties on and hooked my bra. I didn't feel like putting clothes on cause my body was still sore. I brushed my teeth and put my hair into a messy bun.

The closer i got to the kitchen i smelled food, i slowly opened the door

"I didn't know whores knew how to cook" i said to myself

Shidd .. I NEVER thought i would sleep with a Miller especially Rugzy Miller .. the biggest whore and drug dealer in Florida but the laws are so damn strict ion see how they haven't caught him yet

I walked over to him wrapping my arms around him. I rubbed my hands up and down his abs as i kissed the middle of his bare back. I rubbed my hands down into his boxers

I stroked him easily until i heard him grunt

"Damn Harris." Rugzy grunted

"I didn't know whores cooked" I told him

He turned around helping me on to the counter. "Harris , there's alot you don't know about me. You think i'm just a whore and a drug dealer but before you start talking shit and downgrading me do your research"

"So you trying to say you have a soft side?" I question

"Probably do."

"After fucking a girl you go in her kitchen and start cooking her breakfast. You get these girls hope up and have them thinking that a man wants to make love to them or is all this shit a game to you?! I've heard so much shit about you that everyone might be surprised that i slept with someone like you"

"Someone like me? What the hell you trying to say" He barked "Low class? a hoe that doesn't have a heart or some shit. You dont know ME do you understand you DO NOT know ME, Only person you know is Miller, Miller this Miller that. Do you know Rugzy? Does anybody know Rugzy? I'm sick of this shit, stop fucking judging me. All of these tattoos is just the cover, don't wait until you read the book to try and apologize just remember you don't know me so stop acting like you do"

"That's all your showing people , the damn cover. You probably have over 20 kids that you don't know about nor take care off."

"Stop Harris dammit. You still sitting up here judging me. That's all people want is the damn cover , Nobody sits down and tries to get to know me. They look at my damn tattoos and think they know me, they look at my damn background and think i'm still the same damm person."

"But you are. You still sell drugs , still pimp women , still a damn whore" I told him

"Just shut up , I see why you don't have a damn man now your ass don't listen to anything. I'm not the same person. My life was way worst then it is now ."

I watched him go upstairs then leave out my house. I cut the stove off and went upstairs to shower and get ready for work





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