Teacher's Pleasure

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The next day of class wasn’t how Ryan had expected it to go at all. He had expected tense, awkward silence, but that wasn’t how it went down. Gavin strolled in happily, a pep in his step as his fingers trailed across Ryan’s desk.

“Good morning Mr. Haywood. Tutoring after school today?” He asked, voice overly-perky. Ryan cocked an eyebrow, smirking.

“Well, I suppose so. Especially since your grades are so horrendous.”

Gavin leaned in close, his voice barely a whisper. “Then perhaps I should be punished, Mr. Haywood.”

“Perhaps.” Ryan drawled. “Now take your seat, Mr. Free.” He ordered, suppressing a groan when Gavin slowly licked his lips before turning to do as he was told.

“Good morning, class! Today we’ll be doing a lab, so break up into groups of four.” He said, watching as the kids scrambled to do so. Gavin ended up in a group with Ray, Lindsay, and Michael, taking the table farthest in the right corner.

Ryan handed out the papers for the project, instructing them on the proper supplies and explaining what they had to do. “Now, everyone please be careful with the chemicals. Use exact measurements, and wear your gloves and goggles. Nothing here will really hurt you, but it’s necessary.” He said as Gavin hooked the goggles around his face, smiling goofily at the teacher. Ryan rolled his eyes, dwelling on how cute he looked while walking around the students to make sure they were doing it correctly. He strolled in between the tables, giving an occasional praise to students working diligently. He lingered around Gavin’s group, aptly named the ‘Lads’, despite Lindsay’s disapproval the lady of which had suggested the ‘Cat Crusaders’. Ray was daring Michael to drink a mixture he had made and they were working out wagers when Ryan stepped in, scolding them.

“I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have hurt him!” Ray defended while the others laughed.

“As much as I’d love to see that, I can’t allow it by law.” Ryan managed to get out between snickers. “Sorry.”

They returned to their work, Lindsay taking control of the irresponsible boys, and Ryan passed by Gavin, pausing behind him to pinch his ass secretly. Gavin jolted slightly and Michael threw him an inquisitive look that he brushed off with a nervous laugh.

“Stay on task, Mr. Free.” Ryan mumbled as he walked away, leaving a reddened Gavin behind.


“I’m here to be properly punished, Mr. Haywood.” Gavin cooed as he slid into the room, locking the door behind him. Ryan was on him in an instant, pulling him close until there wasn’t a place their bodies didn’t touch as they kissed deeply, his broad hands moving down to cup the younger man’s ass.

“You need it.” Ryan whispered, biting Gavin’s neck as he rutted forward, grinding against the Brit’s growing erection. He pushed Gavin forward until his lower back was being dug into by the hard wood of the teacher’s desk.

“You’re the one that couldn’t keep your bloody hands off of me.”

“What can I say? You just looked so damn appealing in those goggles.”

“Ryan, don’t tease me.” Gavin moaned, rocking his hips forward as he tugged at the teacher’s collar, attempting to undo the buttons. Ryan batted his fingers away, easily unfastening half of his shirt. The Brit kissed and mouthed at the soft, exposed skin, his teeth grazing dusty pink nipples, rotating between the two as Ryan panted above him, hands hard on the smaller man’s hips.

“Fucking Christ, Gavin. Bend over.” He demanded and the young man scrambled to do what he was told, flattening his chest against the hard wood, presenting his ass with a small wiggle of his hips.

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