*9 Years Later*

I sat in the chair at Deacon Rehab Center In New Orleans, Lousiana. My Life pasted by when I was Kidnapped from My Mother by A Guy named Big Skeez. He used me for Stripping. He is known in Detroit but He sent me Down south Near My Grandparents. He wanted me Mom but she didn't want him so she walked out of his life and He was Plotting Revenge On Her. So he took me. The way I got into this rehab was a lady found me on the street strung out on crack , half woke.

"Ja'Melah" My counselor, Ms. James, Walked in and told me I was Being released. I Was happy but scared at the same Time. what if he was coming back for me??. I Got up and walked out and seen a man about my age maybe a year or two older. with nice facial features but I'm not into boys like I should be I'm actually afraid of them.

"Hi Ja'melah, Im Kedan your Oldest Brother" He held out his hand for me to shake but I Couldn't move.I Just stood looking at him. He looked me up and down Yas I Have grown a lot, D- Cup Boobs, Big Hips Nice Round Butt Long Curly Hair And Perfect Sized Lips And I'm 5'4' I Stopped Growing At 15 But my Body Didn't.

"Um she's Kind of Still in a trance from ......." I Dazed off and looked at him like wow after years he came to save me.

"Hi Kedan" I Struggled to Say and shook his hand. Ms. James Looked At me with such shook and smiled.

"Good Ja'melah" She said. They grabbed my bags and walked to His Ferrari and put them in the trunk of his small car. I Got in the passenger seat and stared out the window. He got and the Car And Clicked his Seat belt and drove off. It was October and It was Raining so he turned o the heat. It felt so Good. After driving for about an hour or so he broke the ice.

"So how did you End Up There Melah?" I Looked at Him and Seen he was There Before I Was Kidnapped and Seen my brother who was Always there for me And the one who held me when I fell off my bike.

"Long Story" I Simply said. And continued staring out the window. We remained silent and kept driving.

"Moms Dead" He said And it seemed liked he wanted me to cry or something. This is all her fault. She's the reason I'm Always getting hurt.

"Okay" I Simply said Again. He Sighed I Guess My Answers Are doing him any good so he stopped asking. Good Because I'm tried. I laid my head on the window and Drifted Asleep. My Life just Started And Nowhere Near Finished.

*3 Hours Later*

I Woke Up In a Soft Warm Bed with Nothing But my t-shirt On and My hair In a sloppy Bun and I Was Nicely Tucked In and I Sat up trying to Look at this Place. I Wasn't Dreaming This Is Foreal I'm Out of that Place. I'm Free. I Stood Up. I Was Dark out And the Only light I had Came From out side the cracked door. sounds of Men Talking made me scared and I Ran Back in the Bed Knocking Over the Alarm Clock. The voices Stopped And footsteps Came up the stairs And The Door Opened Wide The Footsteps Came Towards Me. OH MY GOSH HES BACK !.

"Melah Its okay Its Me K" My brothers Deep voice calmed Me Down. Thanks Gods He's Here Because If he wasn't . I D K !!!

"Kedan??" I Asked.

"Yes Melah" He Said Rubbing My Back.

 I Peeked thru the covers and Seen my brother Looking at Me and He kissed My Forehead And told me to go back to sleep. I Simply said Okay again and He picked up the alarm clock that read 3:47 A.M Dang. I Turned Over and the light from the hall disappeared as my brother closed the door and I Drifted to Sleep Under the Warm Covers.......

*Hope Yall Like the New Story Loves !*

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